8 Tips for Mothers to Earn Without Leaving Home

Recent research shows that more women in professional fields are choosing to be stay-at-home moms today than a decade ago. They are educated and aware of the benefits of giving nurturing care for children up to age 6-7. Their children have proven to display overall better academic performance and mental stability. Homeschooling is also getting popular among stay-at-home moms.

The big sacrifice has its perks. But, being a stay at home mom is a round the clock profession that pays only in ‘love currency’.  It’s great but love cannot alleviate the exigencies of the family economy. Are there ways of making money for a stay-at-home mom.

8 Tips for Mothers to Earn Without Leaving Home

Sure! There are ample opportunities to make money online for mothers based on their proclivity and aptitudes in their spare time to contribute to family finances.

Here are the 7 most popular money-making opportunities that are being perused by smart mothers. You can be one of them too.

1. Online tutoring

If you are a teacher and have decided to take a backseat from the profession for your kids, online tutoring can be a perfect choice. Alternatively, if you possess a subject matter expertise, you may design your own tutorial online. The hours are flexible, and the income is steady. Teaching English as a foreign language online has become a really popular form of online tutoring in recent years. Taking a fast Online TEFL course is the best way to get qualified to teach English.

2. Earn by offering your opinion

Register for online surveys. Marketing companies are looking to get your valuable on new products and services to offer better consumer experience.
Taking online surveys is a great way to earn for moms for the following reasons.

  • They are easy to register.
  • No prior experience is needed.
  • Working hours are flexible.
  • You can earn in cash or get access to shopping coupons.

The only noted drawback is getting entangled with scamsters. Be sure you are logged in to a legitimate website before you disclose any information.

3. Become a blogger

For those moms with a penchant for scribing, becoming a blogger would be a great choice. No employer, not a job, so, how do bloggers make money? For starters, the pleasure of creative writing is a reward in itself.

  • Ad content – Your creative work gets hits based on its content and the interest it generates. Once your site starts getting hits and generating good traffic, you can either chose to contact advertisers or they will contact you. You begin to earn Ad revenue.
  • Earning through leads – Every click that is generated from your blog site to an advertised product or service is called as a lead. You can earn a steady income from leads generated through your blog site.

4. Become a freelance writer

There is a plethora of writing and editing work available online. Talented writers are scarce. Writers are in demand and there are ample opportunities to make good money online as freelancers or full-time writers.

Advantages of freelance writing:

  • Registering is easy.
  • Hours are flexible
  • Writers are in demand.

Option to choose only as much work as you can take. The more you write, the better you get. There are several online sites that can help you with enhancing your writing skills.

5. Cash on your culinary skills

Moms can become entrepreneurs. Fresh baked goods like cookies, brownies, and other items can be sold online or delivered to the doorstep taking online orders.

6. Pursue online trading

There are a number of opportunities to make money online. However, not all offer attractive pays. Women with financial services and market background can earn twice as much through online trading than most other online jobs. Agreed, it takes constant monitoring and market study. But, the rewards are attractive.

Taking an online trading course would be a good start. They offer all kinds of advice and research tools to be able to analyze the market. To start getting comfortable with the market setting aside a budget as play money would be a good move. One note of caution must be borne is stocks and bonds are volatile and subject to markets fluctuations.

Features of online trading:

  • Can start with limited cash.
  • Hours are flexible
  • Potential returns are higher
  • Plenty of resources are available online for market study and research and help with your research paper title

7. Become a virtual assistant

Startups and small companies have lots of support work that they find difficult to manage. The tasks may involve projects for data entry, recording, responding to phone conversations on behalf of the employer, customer support, email vetting or other social media engagements. No specialized or prior background or experience is necessary. A little online training tutorial from the employers, and you are good to go. It would be a great way to add new skill sets to your existing talent and earn in the bargain.

8. Get paid for online consulting

Choosing to stay at home does not necessarily mean sacrificing one’s professional career. Thanks to the World Wide Web. Moms who have decided to take a back seat from niche specialized careers can of to offer consulting services from home.

There is plenty of demand for qualified doctors, data analysts, financial experts etc. to offer their advice and consult online. It is one of the favourite choices for startup companies who cannot afford the salaries of a full-time consultant.

Many large corporations also prefer online consulting for single or unique contracts. They usually do it prefer to hire expense bleeding full-time resources for limited work or single unique projects.


  • Hours are flexible
  • Attractive pecuniary benefits
  • Putting existing talent to good use
  • A great way to stay in touch with the profession.
  • Easy to get back to a full-time position when the children grow

Staying at home can have its downside. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways and means of keeping oneself occupied. Constantly dealing with children and tantrums can take a toll on the mental image of the caregiver. Getting involved in a creative activity is gratifying. It can help boost self-confidence and add a little extra to the family finances. Who wouldn’t want that?