8 Scandinavian Gift Shop Must-Haves

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to decide what to buy as a souvenir from Sweden.

What, for example, can truly portray the moose fight you had? What’s the difference between the smells of cold nights and summer days? And why is it so difficult to persuade the owner of your rented cabin to let you deconstruct it and transport it back home flat-pack style?

No worries, here’s a list of the best Scandinavian Gift Shop products you must take home!

1. Dala Horse

As you can see, the Dala horse memento is both functional and fashionable. Dala horses may be found on blankets to tea towels in Sweden if you wish to expand from the classic wooden horse.

If you’re a traditionalist, a Dala horse is a must-have. They can be rather costly, but they are well worth the investment. Even if they appear identical to the untrained eye, authentic Dala horses are hand-carved and painted, making each unique. The Dala horse is the most instantly identifiable and Swedish of all Swedish souvenirs.

2. Wood Utensils

Wooden cooking tools are a popular and traditional Swedish gift. The Swedes, indeed, take the wooden spoon to new heights. Knives, forks, spoons – the Swedes create everything out of wood.

There are various advantages to purchasing a wooden knife as a keepsake. To begin with, you’ll never have to deal with strewn bread again. Second, they are stunning. This Swedish present will keep your future sandwiches secure, as well as be handy in the kitchen. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Mittens

Some of Sweden’s most well-known items were found out of need. Consider the Lovikka mitts. As you negotiate Sweden’s snow-covered streets – or engage in a snowball battle – a pair of 100% wool mittens in the Lovikka pattern will keep your fingers comfortable and toasty.

Lovikka mittens were initially conceived and produced by the indigenous Sámi people, and the highest quality ones found in Sweden come from the Norrbotten region.

4. Nordic Jewelry

It doesn’t need a degree in Viking history to understand its amazingness. As scary and gruesome as their age was, nowadays, all you have to worry about is overpaying for inauthentic Viking Swedish trinkets.

Pick up a Viking pendant of a rune or Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer if you want to seem as fearsome as Thor, Loki, or Oden. They are available in pewter, bronze, and iron, each unique. The runes also come with translations, so there’s no way you’ll be wearing a rune that reads “hot dog” without realizing it!

When it comes to this sort of souvenir, authenticity is crucial, and it’s highly recommended to pay a visit to Handfaste if you’re in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. The businesses in the area might be overly touristy, but this one is a refined treasure.

5. Caviar In a Tube

A hilarious and inexpensive memento from Sweden may be caviar, one of the country’s most popular sandwich toppings. It’s in a tube.

It has the appearance of toothpaste and the flavor of salty, fishy tomato puree, yet it’s a classic. Kalles Kaviar is a Swedish memento that will transport you back to the days of bottomless sandwiches and Swedes saying that this thing is delicious.

If you know a Swedish expat, bringing one of these to their residence may likely cause them to lose their minds and all dignity (even if they have a secret stash in the house, which many of them do).

6. Chocolate

If you’re short on cash but great on affection, a bar of this creamy milk chocolate is the perfect easy-peasy Swedish gift. Who wouldn’t want a chocolate bar with Swedish tastes like Daim or, if you’re feeling daring, salty licorice?

Swiss hazelnut, orange zest, Oreo, and peppermint are more traditional flavors. Don’t let anyone say that they aren’t just as tasty.

7. Hanging Stars

With Santa just across the border in Finland’s Lapland, it’s no surprise that Sweden has some classic Christmas decorations. These decorations in Sweden revolve around a julstake (Christmas candelabra) or an adventsstjärna (Christmas tree) (Star of Advent). In no time, this Swedish souvenir will have you feeling more merry than normal!

During the Christmas season, most businesses in Sweden sell candelabras or hanging advent stars. If you reside outside of Europe and are concerned about the necessity for electrical adaptors, don’t worry; battery-operated versions are also available. An alternative is to purchase the advent star’s shell (flat-packed, of course), which comes in various colors and designs. All you’ll need after that is a light bulb. Genius.

8. Julmust & Glögg

You’ll need something tasty to wash down your Swedish smörgsbord-style Christmas dinner at home. The two traditional selections, Julmust and Glögg, happen to be fantastic Swedish gifts.

Julmust is a Christmastime staple for Swedish youngsters. It’s a cola-like soda drink with a similar consistency and color. Like it or not, it’s not accessible anyplace else! Glögg is the Swedish counterpart of mulled spiced wine and is the grown-up version of Julmust.


With this list, you will have no problem making your friends and family happy when you get home. Not to mention, you’ll be taking a part of Scandinavia with you. Relive your happy moments and enjoy your return home fabulously with these products.