8 Importance of Having a Baby Cot

For parents with newborn babies, the list of fantastic baby products may be overwhelming. But we are sure that baby cot is somewhere at the top of that list. Purchasing that simple baby furniture can prove to be an incredible decision in your new commitment as a parent.

As a new parent, the safety of your little one is your priority in this rewarding yet most arduous commitment in life. Think of all the benefits you could get by just making that critical step of purchasing a baby cot. You may be considering co-sleeping but think again, consider all the conveniences that you and your baby will rip from a simple baby cot.

For parents who take care of the little ones alone, baby cots will prove to be helpful, as discussed below. Meanwhile, give these for babies and these great items will not cost you so much.

1. A safe alternative to co-sleeping

One of the reasons parents add a baby cot to their shopping list is safety. We understand it’s difficult not to have your newborn next to you all the time, mostly when they nod off. But since safety is your priority, then safe baby cots next to your bed will provide just that.

2. Stress-free for the parent

When you have your baby in a different sleeping environment, there is less risk of injuring your newborn. Parents may be worried about babies falling off the bed in cases of co-sleeping, but for a baby cot that your baby will be safe without any worries of them falling off.

For instance, if the parent needs to walk out of the house or even to the washroom. A baby cot provides a safe space to leave the young to ensure they don’t accidentally fall off and hurt themselves.

3. Baby can sleep more peacefully without disturbance

Co-sleeping with the baby often disturbs the comfort of your loved one. Therefore, a separate sleeping place for the babies will give them uninterrupted sleep without disturbance from the parents’ movements.

4. Constant Entertainment For The Baby

Since babies need constant attention, while you as the parent need to do other home chores, adding little accessories to the baby cot will keep the baby engaged as you finish up with work.

For babies that can not stand, you can have them sleep, play, or lie down awake on the cot as they get distracted and entertained by the little accessories.

5. Sleep training the baby right from birth

In co-sleeping cases, babies tend to feed more often at night due to proximity to the parent, disturbance from the adults’ movement, and the smell from the breastfeeding mom. This night pattern of waking up may be detrimental to training the baby in sleep patterns. Once the baby gets used to sleeping next to the parents, it becomes a habit that will later prove difficult to break.

For breastfeeding moms, getting a baby cot and placing it next to your bed can prove crucial in sleep training since the little one will have few disturbances during the night.

6. Best for C-section mums

Having C-section can be challenging, especially with mobility as the mam heals. C-section mams experience pain as the wounds heal and maybe uncomfortable while sleeping, leading to constant movements in bed. These movements can disturb the baby at night, wake the baby, and strangle to get them to sleep again. A baby cat is an ideal investment for C-section mams and the comfort of the baby.

7. A Long term Investment For Parents Planning To Have Other Children

Purchasing a baby cot, especially for first-time parents, is an excellent long-term investment. As the children grow and transition to a big kids bed, you can safely store the baby cot for future use.

8. Prevent the dangers of SIDS

Using a baby cot allows the baby to sleep facing up. This safety measure prevents the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is common in children under the age of one year.


As you continue using the baby cot, you will learn and enjoy more advantages that it provided. Also, remember that baby cot comes in different styles to fit your preferences. You may choose a multi-functional or something classic, or rather extravagant.

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