8 Easy ways to enhance your property’s curb appeal

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

We are not sure who came up with the timeless saying, but it has special relevance for a term called curb appeal. The term curb appeal is all about making a positive first impression of the exterior of your property. Prospective buyers might not want to check out the rest of a property if it has little or no curb appeal.

Curb appeal is especially important for property owners that want to rent out a home or an apartment unit. You want to make your property stand out whenever potential renters drive or walk by it.

The property management experts at Utopia Management have mastered the art of creating attention-grabbing curb appeal. They want to share eight easy ways to enhance your property’s exterior appearance.

Join the Green Movement

One of the most effective ways to boost the curb appeal of a bland-looking property is to add shrubs, bushes, and flowers near the front of your property. You do not need to spend a lot of time or money to add fresh, colorful vegetation. You can go green by simply placing planters and window boxes along the front side of the property. Plants do a fantastic job of complementing the visual appeal of windows and entrances. If you do not have enough space to place a planter or two, consider two hanging plants that you secured near the front door.

Make Lawn Care a Priority

Once again, you do not have to spend considerable time and money to turn your lawn into something that enhances your property’s curb appeal. You do not even need a green thumb to show prospective tenants or buyers that you care about how your property looks. Simply keep the grass mowed, rake off leaves, and pull every weed you see to demonstrate the pride you take in maintaining a visually appealing home or apartment building.

Light Up the Sky

Not every potential tenant or buyer passes by your property during daylight hours. The ones that are more than intrigued about your property might pass by at night to see how everything looks under the stars. Nothing turns off a prospective tenant or buyer more than a dark entrance to your property. Clean every outdoor light fixture, as well as change out old sconces and hanging pendants with new ones. If you need a little more illumination, string a row of porch lights overhead and place lanterns up and down the walkway to make it glow.

Get Yourself Out of the Gutter

Your gutters define the perimeter to the front of your property. Twigs, leaves, branches, and artificial debris detracts from your property’s appearance. Clear out all-natural and artificial debris, and then scrub the outside of your gutters to presents an enhanced look. Clearing your gutters of debris is more than an aesthetic project; it also improves the flow of water to prevent damage to your roof. If your gutters show signs of rust and corrosion, invest the money needed to replace the old gutters with new gutters.

Power Your Way to a Clean Property

You have seen “before” and “after” photographs. A “before” photograph shows what something looked like before someone took the initiative to make it look like the “after” photograph. When you power wash the exterior of your property, make sure to take a “before” photo and compare it to the “after” photo. While you are at it, power wash the siding, walkway, and driveway.

You do not need to own a power washer. A big-box retailer such as Lowe’s or The Home Depot rent power washers by the hour at affordable rates.

Make the Front Door Stand Out

There is no reason to place a Welcome mat at the front door of your property if the front door looks less than welcoming. Painting a front door with a color that gives it some pop should not cost you more than $40 and it is one of the easiest property improvement projects to complete. Consider painting the front door with a bolder color, but make sure it blends in with the other design elements that define the exterior of your property.

It is a Numbers Game

You can easily upgrade the appearance of your property by changing out the address numbers. Select a font that matches the architectural theme of your property, but make sure the numbers present a distinctive appearance that leaves a positive first impression. Adding your numbers at the entrance to your property is also a clever idea to help prospective buyers and tenants remember your address.

Furnish the Front Entrance

Adding a couple of pieces of stylish outdoor furniture can boost the curb appeal of your property. Just make sure not to go overboard because a cluttered look is a turn-off. Buying two new outdoor chairs is all you need to do for creating a more inviting appearance for the front entrance.

You can also think about awnings. Not only are they useful for protection from weather conditions, but they are also very modern and can open up a totally new space for outdoor living.

First impressions do matter when it comes to your property. Make sure the first impressions that potential buyers and tenants have are positive ones by enhancing your property’s curb appeal.