8 different reasons to live in Singapore

Singapore has a diverse and growing population with thousands of expats moving to the country every year. This country is full of so many amazing attractions and exciting things to do, so it’s no wonder that so many people move there each year. If you have been considering moving to Singapore but are still unsure and just need that final push, then here are 8 different reasons to move to Singapore.

High quality of life

It is known that Singapore has one of the highest qualities of life, not only in Asia but all over the world. Many people enjoy an exciting yet comfortable life in Singapore. Not only is Singapore a great country to work and do business in, but it is also a great country to live and enjoy life. There is a great average salary in Singapore, meaning you get a lot for your money when you live here. You can also find a room for rent in Singapore $250 a month, meaning it won’t cost you a fortune to live there.

Fantastic culture

Asia is known for its exciting and colourful culture, which attracts millions of people to the continent each year. Singapore is no exception, as it exudes and embraces this fantastic culture. No matter where you go across the country there is always something new for you to learn, see or experience. Let’s not forget about the amazing traditional food that is offered on every street within the country. Living in this culture packed country will give you endless opportunities to try and experience new and wonderful things.

Convenient location

One of the many reasons why so many people move to Singapore is because of its location within Asia. Singapore is located in a central point of Southeast Asia, and its neighbouring countries include Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Its convenient location means that is easy for people to travel around and explore all that Asia has on offer. Singapore is also a coastal state, meaning not only you can enjoy the fun and exciting city, but you can also relax on some gorgeous beaches.

Warm climate

Another great reason to move to Singapore, that does not need much explanation at all, is its warm climate. As previously mentioned, Singapore is located in Southeast Asia close to the equator. This means that is warm all year round. Although it is warm all of the time, it is also very humid. If you move to the city, you will notice a lot of people carrying umbrellas even though it rarely rains. This is to shade themselves from the harsh sun. There is no need for you to worry about it being too hot though, as most buildings across the country have powerful air conditioning systems.

Great knowledge of English

If you are worried about there being a language barrier when you move, there is no need. Expats with little or no Asian language skills should have no problem getting around and living in the country of Singapore. Although Malay is the country’s national language, everything is done in English and it is widely spoken by all in Singapore. If you are interested in learning the language and embracing the culture even more, you can also take basic Malay language classes that are widely offered across the country.

Fantastic Transport

Like previously mentioned, Singapore is a bustling and busy country, therefore their transport system is fantastic. There are so many different ways to get around the country from buses, trains and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). All of these transport options are cheap and easy to use, meaning you can get around easily. It is known that the best way to pay for public transport in Singapore is by purchasing an EZ-Link card. You simply tap this card at the start and the end of your journey, and it automatically charges your account. This means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of loose change and buying tickets.

Safe environment

Another reason why so many people move to Singapore is because it is known for being a safe and welcoming environment. Over the years it has been voted at the safest place in the world to live, helping it to attract even more people. Living in Singapore means you will never have to worry, even when walking home alone or getting on public transport late at night.

Great expat community

The last, but definitely not least, reason to move to Singapore is because of its fantastic expat community. Many people from all over the world moved to Singapore each year, meaning it is easy to meet other international people who are new to the area too. The growing expat community in the country means you will never struggle to make friends.