8 Benefits Of Professional Dog Grooming

Dog grooming has become a necessity for any dog owner and is not just a service that enhance the appearance of your pooch. We are sharing some valuable benefits in this post to give you a little more insight into why professional grooming is a must. You should know all of these necessities as a dog groomer.

Checking And Treatment For Fleas

Fleas are a foreseeable issue that comes along when you’re a dog owner. Groomers check for fleas and eggs and can often provide appropriate treatment in getting rid of them for good. With frequent washing, clipping and brushing of fur it can help with prevention of a flea infestation.

Lowering The Risk Of Ear Infection

Getting rid of the muck and build-up in a dog’s ears is essential for keeping ear infections at bay. The dog groomer can also trim away the extended parts of hair in and around the ears that could lead to other issues. It is vital to have your dog’s ears checked periodically to assist with maintaining their hearing and avoiding deafness.

Your Dog Will Smell Better

One of the primary reasons for getting a dog groomed is promoting the hygiene and smell of your furry friend and regular brushing and cleaning can achieve just that. No one wants a smelly dog especially if they are house trained.

Premature Detection Of Possible Health And Skin Problems

Frequent dog grooming Tauranga can help with detecting any lumps or bumps prematurely during a brushing session. This could prevent the spreading of a potential serious health condition. Learn more about proper pet grooming by visiting Australind Essential Grooming.

Promoting Less Shedding

Irrespective of the hair length or dog breed, having your dog washed and brushed on a regular basis is highly beneficial in keeping the quality and condition of your dog’s coat in top form. Brushing alone can assist with removal of dirt and dead skin while dispersing the natural oils of their coat, leaving it healthier and shinier overall.

Nails Trimming

A dog’s nails must be trimmed regularly but are often disregarded when it comes to a dog’s wellbeing. Nails that have grown too long can cause discomfort when your dog walks on them and it can affect their posture. Longer nails that are left untrimmed can lead to bone deformations, arthritis and other ailments.

Exonerating Pulling Matts

For dogs with medium-long hair, matts are a regular occurrence once fur get’s entwined or clustered. These matts can grow extensively and start pulling on your dog’s skin which can become very uncomfortable. Regular grooming can reduce the appearance of matts forming.

Making Your Dog Look More Beautiful

Apart from the apparent health benefits that your dog can enjoy from frequent grooming, they can also look and feel better. An unkempt appearance may leave a poor reflection on the owner. Grooming offers many benefits including making your dog look and smell better and well looked after. A dog must be taken for a professional grooming every six to eight weeks, contingent on the coat growth. Pet groomers are trained professionals that can offer your dog with the best grooming experience.

Dog Grooming Tips from the Professionals

If you are one of those vain fur-parent, you would want your dog, to have bushy tails and lively eyes regardless of the breed. As dog owners, we want the best for our furry friends. However, a visit to a professional dog grooming salon can be pretty expensive; that is why some would opt to do the grooming on their own, here are some tips that professional dog groomers share that we could use at home. 

1. Starting to groom your dog when he is still a puppy is the best time to start. It allows you and your dog to interact and bond well. Grooming your dog personally encourages subordination on his part, which is an excellent way of training, especially during the puppy stage. If you have a hairy dog, more frequent grooming is necessary than the recommended twice-weekly brushing. Dogs with long hair may experience issues like matting, which can result in hotspot issues or even bug infestations if not well maintained.

2. Bathing is another important aspect of dog grooming. Dog owners should remember not to bathe dogs too often, as this might dry out their skin and cause irritation, which could result in excessive shedding for most dogs. To improve the health of a dog’s skin and coat, it is suggested that you use specialized shampoos and gels. Bathing is also the perfect time to check the general condition of your dog’s skin and coat. The experience can also be used to feel the dog for lumps, bumps, or skin breaks.

3. If you want your dog to have a lustrous, glossy coat, don’t just rely on shampoo; the quality of the dog’s hair is influenced mainly by his nutrition and general health. Supplementing his diet with fatty acids may help if your dog has a poor coat despite receiving adequate care and eating a nutritious diet. 

4. Regular examinations of dog ears are necessary as ear infections can develop into more severe issues. Particularly in need of continual attention are droopy ears. Contact your vet for products that can dry up the ear and lower the infection’s chance of developing or spreading.

5. Keep a close eye on your dog’s paws. Dogs can develop build-up caught between their pads, which can be unpleasant and result in infection if not properly taken care of. However, be extra careful when trimming your dog’s paw because the dog’s toenails have nerve and blood. Therefore, take care not to cut too much nails; otherwise, the dog may suffer severe pain and lose a lot of blood. If this happens, dab some corn starch onto the claw’s tip to stop the bleeding and take the dog to the veterinarian.

A woman grooming a dog photo

Dog Grooming Tools

The following dog grooming equipment is essential for running a successful professional dog grooming business. If you are interested in venturing into this kind of business, here are the products you need to complete your grooming kit. Read on to discover all the necessary equipment to give your client’s dogs outstanding trims and pampering that is worth the money.

1. Bathtubs – Bathing is an essential aspect of dog grooming, so it’s crucial that you are equipped with the right tools to do the task quickly, effectively, and safely. Your equipment must reflect the fact that you work with various animals and breeds daily. Choose a dog bath with adjustable settings, including overall height, inner platforms for smaller animals, flexible shower attachments, and storage options. This allows you to provide a consistently professional service while accommodating a variety of pet breeds and coat types.

2. Grooming Tables- An appropriate dog grooming table is essential whether you work as a mobile dog groomer or run your salon to do the task quickly and safely. Professional groomers should choose electric or hydraulic tables since they allow for simple height adjustments to accommodate a wide range of pets. A portable dog grooming table is the best choice if you are mobile grooming professional. 

3. Dryers – Drying equipment is necessary to guarantee that an animal’s coat is dry, sleek, and silky after being washed with a dog shampoo. In addition, choose a powerful cabinet dryer as your ultimate drying option to stand dryers and portable handheld dog dryers, which are ideal for smaller breeds or difficult-to-reach areas

4. Clippers and Trimmers – You can always keep your pets’ coats nice and tidy by using high-quality dog clippers and trimmers. Investing in the proper clippers guarantees a cut that looks polished. Go for the best clippers that make the slightest noise to give your fur friend a comfortable trimming session. Make sure your blades are sharp enough to cut through any hair quickly and without causing discomfort to your furry buddy.

5. Grooming Scissors – A variety of top-notch scissors can help you keep your dog grooming equipment up to date. For precise trim and contour, you can select from various curved scissors or traditional straight dog grooming scissors. You can also choose blenders, chunkers, and thinners to provide an excellent finish for unique coats.

6. Grooming Clothes and work clothes – Ensure you are dressed correctly for the task. Select tops or bottoms for dog grooming that are hair-resistant, water-proof, and comfy all day. While dealing with all types of furry pals that come through the door, scrubs are among the most practical and helpful clothing options. Aprons are also essential for protecting yourself from the risks of repeated exposure to moisture. Using an apron creates a barrier of protection between the animal and the groomer’s clothing and stops water from penetrating the material. 

7. Bathing Essentials – Explore different bathing essentials for your fur clients to keep them smelling and looking good. It’s always been challenging to obtain and maintain coats looking and smelling their best; thanks to the best shampoos, professional conditioners, coat style products, and fragrance sprays available in the market, this difficult fete can be achieved in a breeze. With these ideal dog bath grooming accessories, you can keep your adorable mutt looking its best.

8. Brushes and Combs – A dog’s coat can be brushed or groomed relatively stress-free. A reasonable and appropriate dog brush is essential if you want to properly groom the dog and make the experience enjoyable for you and your fur client. To avoid straining your hand, arm, and wrist, consider selecting a dog grooming brush with a specially-made anti-slip handle. Consider choosing a self-cleaning dog grooming brush.

9. Ear Cleaners – Dogs’ ears need appropriate care, like their hair and nails. A routine ear cleaning must be done to avoid ear infections and eliminate wax, sebum, and debris buildup. To help rinse and clean the ear canal, use ear cleaner solutions. After applying the cleaner, remove the dirt using cotton balls or pads. Dogs with ear disorders like infections or ear mites require ear medicines.

10. Health and Well-Being Essentials – Fur parents are particularly concerned about what their dogs consume. Some even go so far as to prepare their dog treats and food because they want them to eat nutritious meals and snacks. Therefore, selecting the best dog grooming supplies will help you avoid future financial and emotional hardship. Avoid using products that contain artificial dyes and colorants, which can lead to skin sensitivities, hair loss, and even cancer.