8 Benefits Of Professional Dog Grooming

Dog grooming has become a necessity for any dog owner and is not just a service that enhance the appearance of your pooch. We are sharing some valuable benefits in this post to give you a little more insight into why professional grooming is a must. You should know all of these necessities as a dog groomer.

Checking And Treatment For Fleas

Fleas are a foreseeable issue that comes along when you’re a dog owner. Groomers check for fleas and eggs and can often provide appropriate treatment in getting rid of them for good. With frequent washing, clipping and brushing of fur it can help with prevention of a flea infestation.

Lowering The Risk Of Ear Infection

Getting rid of the muck and build-up in a dog’s ears is essential for keeping ear infections at bay. The dog groomer can also trim away the extended parts of hair in and around the ears that could lead to other issues. It is vital to have your dog’s ears checked periodically to assist with maintaining their hearing and avoiding deafness.

Your Dog Will Smell Better

One of the primary reasons for getting a dog groomed is promoting the hygiene and smell of your furry friend and regular brushing and cleaning can achieve just that. No one wants a smelly dog especially if they are house trained.

Premature Detection Of Possible Health And Skin Problems

Frequent dog grooming Tauranga can help with detecting any lumps or bumps prematurely during a brushing session. This could prevent the spreading of a potential serious health condition. Learn more about proper pet grooming by visiting Australind Essential Grooming.

Promoting Less Shedding

Irrespective of the hair length or dog breed, having your dog washed and brushed on a regular basis is highly beneficial in keeping the quality and condition of your dog’s coat in top form. Brushing alone can assist with removal of dirt and dead skin while dispersing the natural oils of their coat, leaving it healthier and shinier overall.

Nails Trimming

A dog’s nails must be trimmed regularly but are often disregarded when it comes to a dog’s wellbeing. Nails that have grown too long can cause discomfort when your dog walks on them and it can affect their posture. Longer nails that are left untrimmed can lead to bone deformations, arthritis and other ailments.

Exonerating Pulling Matts

For dogs with medium-long hair, matts are a regular occurrence once fur get’s entwined or clustered. These matts can grow extensively and start pulling on your dog’s skin which can become very uncomfortable. Regular grooming can reduce the appearance of matts forming.

Making Your Dog Look More Beautiful

Apart from the apparent health benefits that your dog can enjoy from frequent grooming, they can also look and feel better. An unkempt appearance may leave a poor reflection on the owner. Grooming offers many benefits including making your dog look and smell better and well looked after. A dog must be taken for a professional grooming every six to eight weeks, contingent on the coat growth. Pet groomers are trained professionals that can offer your dog with the best grooming experience.