7 Ways to Use Neon Lights in Your Child’s Birthday Party

Birthdays are very important events in a child’s life. This is the one time in a year where the whole day is all about them. Birthday parties are especially important for young kids because these parties will serve as happy memories to look back on. So if your little one’s birthday is drawing near, you should make it as special and unforgettable as possible.

One way to do this is to incorporate neon lights into the birthday party. They will not only make the party more festive, they can also bring a whole new element of entertainment to the party. However, neon lights can be a bit tricky to work with. As such, you would be well advised to learn a few things about their best use before you start preparing for the party. Here are 7 Ways to use neon lights in your child’s birthday party:

Come up with a Great Theme

Before you set up the party, you should come up with a theme first. It could be an 80’s themed party or it could be based on your child’s favorite cartoon. The party theme could be practically anything. What matters is that your child likes and understands the theme. By having a set theme for the party, you will be able to plan out every detail of the party with more ease.

Use Neon Lights to Start up the Party

Neon lights can be a great way to start a surprise birthday party. You can tell your child that you will be having a small get together later in the evening. That way he or she won’t be expecting a birthday party. You could then decorate the party area with neon light designs, and a big neon party sign saying happy birthday

Before the start of the party, you could turn off all the lights and have all your guests hide. Then you could lead your child into the party area, and surprise him or her by having all of the neon lights turn on at the same time. This is quite possible because modern neon lights can be controlled via remote control, and you can even control the sequence that they turn on.

Hold a Light Show

Once the party gets started, it is a great idea to have a light show for all your guests. Neon light technology has improved a great deal through the years, and can now be controlled via remote control. You can even program them to light up in specific sequences and time them to songs. By holding a neon light show for the party, you’ll surely make it a spectacle that your child and guests will never forget.

Use Neon Lights to Create a Festive Atmosphere

Neon lights have always been used to create a specific atmosphere. Bars use neon lights to attain a certain edginess, whereas diners use them to attract attention and give off a homely vibe. In this case, your main intent should be to create a festive and energetic atmosphere. It could be a bit tricky to create great neon light designs at first, luckily there are a myriad of amazing neon ideas online that you can use.

When you use neon lights, it is important that you choose the right colors and strategically place them for optimum effect. When it comes to choosing colors, you should base them on your overall theme.

You should also take into account the color combination. If your walls are bright colored, then you should choose a darker color. If you use bright colors in a lightly colored wall, it might blend too much and ruin the effect. If your wall has a dark shade, then you should use lighter colored neon lights. When it comes to neon lights, using contrasting colors are always a good policy to follow.

Decorate the Cake With Neon Lights

Aside from holding a light show, you can also use neon lights to decorate the cake. Cakes with icing decorations and fondant are great, but neon light cakes are very unique. Due to their flexibility, you can use neon lights to create a myriad of designs.

When it comes to using neon lights for cake decorating, you will need a set theme, and a lot of patience. Neon lights can be cut into different dimensions and shapes, and the process can be quite work intensive.With this amazing neon idea, you will be able to elevate your child’s party to new heights.

Line the Furniture With Neon Lights

For maximum effect, you should also line the furniture with neon lights. A few years back, you could not really do this, because neon lights were predominantly made of glass. The more modern form of neon lights though are quite different. They are made of very flexible material, and you can buy them in bulk. This means you can line your furniture with lights, and not run the risk of them shorting out or breaking.

When you line your furniture with lights, you should make sure to secure them properly. You should also make sure that your lights follow the outline of your furniture.

Create Fun Neon Signs

During parties, it is always a good idea to have signs to guide your guests. Not everyone is accustomed to your home, and they may not know where the bathroom is. You could also create neon signs that designate the buffet table, and the seats for the guests. By using neon lights to highlight these labels you can create a very festive atmosphere.


Setting up a truly great birthday party for your child can be a bit of a challenge because there are so many elements you can add. However, one surefire way you can elevate the birthday party is to add neon lights to the decorations. It will not only make the part more beautiful, but memorable as well. Luckily, with these easy to follow tips, you’ll know how to properly utilize neon lights for your child’s birthday party.