7 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When You Are Feeling Stressed

We all get depressed one way or another, and it’s kind of normal. But what if depression and anxiety start taking over your mental peace? That’s a point of concern.

Living a happy and satisfied life is only possible if you are in the best possible health mentally and physically.

We have a few tips you can use to calm yourself down when you are facing sadness, stress, and anxiety:

1.  Close Your Eyes

Whenever you feel anxious, we recommend you not take any stress-relieving pills. Rather than relying on medicine, simply close your eyes for a few moments.

woman rubbing temples

Try to relax and forget about what’s happening around you. It is said that the state of calmness can be achieved by practicing this ingenious exercise.

2.  Listen To Music Or Learn To Play Musical Instruments

You must have heard that if you are stressed or anxious, simply start listening to music, and you’ll have soothing and calming effects. It is said that your nervous system gets relaxed when you listen to soft music.

One can also learn to play musical instruments because when you are playing them, you’re out of this anxious world. Now you must be thinking about the instruments one can play, right?

woman relaxing

Well, you can play guitar, starts practicing piano, or playing a keyboard can make you feel relaxed. You can also satisfy your inner with a hang drum.

3.  Get Some Fresh Air

Living in the same kind of environment can also make us feel stressed. The anxiety level alleviates when you stay in the same space for quite some time. The situation can even get worse because it can lead to a possible panic attack.

woman stretching

One of the best ways to get rid of all sorts of tension is to get some fresh air. Even if you can manage to go outside for a couple of minutes – do it.

How about you go for a morning walk to an area that has greenery? It won’t only reduce your stress level but interrupt your anxiety too.

4.  Breathe Deeply

One of the most ingenious ways of racing your heart and calming yourself down is to breathe deeply. Once you start doing it, you will find inner peace and satisfaction.

woman meditation

According to research, breathing deeply will reduce all the possible symptoms of anxiety, depression, and anger.

Don’t you know how to breathe deeply? There is nothing to worry about. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Slowly inhale and count to four
  • Slowly exhale
  • Choose a comfortable place, and relax there
  • Hold your breath before repenting


5.  Take A Bath

If you’re having issues like anxiety or depression, we recommend you take a bath. Having a bathtub is not less than a blessing if you want to feel relaxed. Here’s what you need to do; simply fill the bathtub with water and get inside it for a while.

woman bubble bath

Taking a bath is one of the best things to improve your mental and emotional health. Have you ever thought about using hot water for taking a bath? Hot water helps to ease sore and aching muscles.

Taking a bath in hot water will also help you get rid of sadness. It is also said that after taking a bath in hot water, you are most probably enjoy a healthy and better sleep – and we all know how crucial sleeping can be for getting rid of anxiety and stress.

6.  Write It Out

Have you ever tried to fight against your depression by writing it out? You must be thinking how this is even possible, but it really is. Writing out your worries will help you lift the weight off your shoulder.

woman writing

It can also help you understand what exactly you are going through, and in the meanwhile, you can also get to know how to tackle these mental issues.

7.  Change Your Focus

If you are not feeling comfortable in a certain situation, we recommend you take another direction rather than sticking to that situation. Once you change your focus, it gives your mind a chance to start working in the right direction.

woman drinking coffee

Now comes the question, how to change your focus? It’s simple. You can go outside or start doing another task – this way; your focus will be shifted. So, no more anxious days and weeks.

Final Words

Stress and depression are some of the issues almost every one of us is suffering from. Life is a one-time thing, so we have to live it wholeheartedly and perfectly.

We know it’s not easy to handle stress, but once you start applying the aforementioned ways to your advantage, it’ll just be a matter of time.