7 Steps To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Do not strive for materialistic things, let go of negative emotions, travel the world to seek knowledge, and always be kind to walk a path of enlightenment

Going through a spiritual awakening might be the most serene and blissful feeling you will ever achieve, but may come at the cost of loneliness, trauma, and overcoming mental obstacles.

It is by this spiritual awakening we realize that true happiness is not related to money, power, food, expensive dress, luxurious house, and exotic cars, but true happiness comes from being content and being at peace with oneself and the universe. The best part is that it will happen to you when you need it the most.

What Happens During A Spiritual Awakening?

Those who are spiritually aware and have achieved an awakening, feel that before they felt alone, depressed, sad, and alienated from the whole world.

The cause for this is they start to question everything that is happening around them. They see people lying, being fake, hate all around, people trying to bring others down rather than cheering them up.

They start to question the root of all this negativity and as they do so; they are neglected by those that are indoctrinated and blindly follow what society taught them.

And when they could not find the answer behind this negativity, they realize that none of it matters.

Being in this void makes them realize that the only way to find true happiness is to be in harmony with the whole universe itself, and this gives them a feeling of purity that nothing else could give.

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Steps Towards Awakening

There are different ways through which you can achieve spiritual awakening. Here are the most important steps-

1. Do Not Let Worldly Thoughts Hold You Back

To gain spiritual awakening, the first thing you need to do is clear your room of all the things that keep you distracted, not necessarily meaning to throw them away, but rather keeping them away till you are awakened.

These may include extra and unnecessary tech devices and some other belongings that will distract your mind. You must also clear your mind of worldly and materialistic thoughts.

Meditation and yoga are always helpful at this stage. Start with the basics and slowly you will get their healing benefits.

2. Start Questioning Your Beliefs

After you got rid of all the distractions, then sit quietly and start to question all your beliefs and all the doubts you have.

Start having deep questions like what is happiness? What drives all this hatred and jealousy? Is society teaching the right thing? What is the purpose of my life? The more you question, the closer you will be to an answer.

3. Widen Your Outlook

The biggest problem everyone has these days is they only think about what they are told to think. They do not look outside the box.

To achieve spiritual awakening, you need to break out of this chain. Learn different ideas, different beliefs, read philosophical and psychological books.

The more you know, the easier it will be for you to realize what the universe has in store for you.

4. Travel a Lot to Rediscover Yourself

The more you go outside and visit different places, the more you will see different cultures, and beliefs.

Travel with this thought in mind that you are traveling to understand nature and the world around you. This also helps you greatly reduce stress.

Do not forget there are also physical benefits to traveling. It decreases stress, anxiety, and lowers the chances of heart diseases.

The more you travel, the more you will come to realize that even though there are different beliefs and cultures, deep down, we are all the same. The same spark erupted from one ember, which is now the universe.

5. Do Not Strive For Materialistic Things

With all the realization and understanding you have received so far, you will be able to realize materialistic things do not attract you that much, and it is this attachment to materialistic things that are the cause of all the negativity in this world.

People are not satisfied with what they have and they keep wanting more. If you let go of this desire to achieve more materialistic things, you will gradually awaken into a higher state of mind.

6. Have A Higher Feeling of Forgiveness

One thing you will realize is that you will be misunderstood by most people, especially those who are deeply tied with materialistic thinking.

If you give in to their insults and hate, then all of your awakening processes will be undone. So, the hardest step of spiritual awakening is to have a high tendency to forgive those who hurt you, forgetting about it, and moving on.

7. Seek To Be One with the Entity

The final step you need to complete to achieve spiritual awakening is that you need to believe everything in this universe is connected to one another, and they all are one being.

It can be God, it can be Mother Nature or some other form of a spiritual entity, and to be truly awakened, you also need to feel that you are connected to everything around you.

We are all the same. By being one with the universe, you will feel that your inner self has awakened, and you have found true happiness.

Final Thoughts

Achieving spiritual awakening is no easy task. It often comes after a lot of hard times, after going through a lot of trauma, sacrificing a lot, and the worst, being neglected by the rest of the people. But the result is worth it. The feeling of completeness, the serenity, the bliss is worth all the trouble you have gone through. You will develop as a better person, as a better being than you once were.