7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Roof Maintenance

You want to look forward to coming home every day from work and finding enjoyment in your home. Homes are often the pride and joy for people who can have one.

To keep the house in good condition, however, you have to take care of its structure. It means more than just cleaning and performing maintenance on the interior of the house. Your house needs to look good inside and out. A house with a clean and solid-looking roof will have much more curb appeal, adding to its overall value.

Roofs are some of the most neglected structures in most homes and many homeowners rarely take time to inspect or maintain them. Even though roofs are out of sight, they do not need to be out of reach. Hence, it is necessary to look for the roofing services near you for timely roof inspections.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your roof remains in great condition. The following are some reasons why you should not overlook roof maintenance.

1. Protecting Your Structures

A leaky roof can compromise the structures of your home. Maintaining your roof will keep it from leaking. A leaking roof will loosen the wood beams that hold it together. Your ceiling may eventually give way. Poorly maintained roofs are susceptible to storm and wind damages.

A well-maintained roof makes your home safer and increases its lifespan because you are also maintaining the foundation, walls, rafters, and supporting beams. The rest of your house would be in danger if the roof were to fail due to neglect or skipped maintenance tasks.

2. Improving the Lifespan of Your Roof

When the roof is exposed to inclement weather, such as storms, wind, and rain, it easily gets damaged. However, proper maintenance and repairs ensure that its durability will increase. Thus, it extends the roof’s longevity.

Regular maintenance can help your roof last longer. Roofing materials come with a guarantee to determine how long they should last. Most of them can last a few decades. However, there are a few ways to make your roof last longer and regular maintenance is one of them. It helps prevent the growth of moss and algae that may gradually damage your roof.   Iron River Construction has a team of specialists and they are the preferred option for many families. Your home is a sacred placed, and you have to take care of it. You won’t regret spending money on your house maintenance.

In addition, as your roof degrades, its efficiency at beating off the elements lessens dramatically, making intense, sudden damage all the more unavoidable. But, routine maintenance is not as expensive as replacing a roof. By doing routine maintenance on your roof, you can expect it to remain sturdy and intact for decades without needing to be replaced.

Selective focus photo of brown roof shingles

3. Saving Money on Repairs

Your roof is a huge investment and you should protect that investment. Did you know that annual roof maintenance cost only 1% to 3% of the cost of a commercial roof replacement?

Proactive maintenance is identifying minor issues before they become major. When you spend a little on regular roof maintenance, your roof will last longer before it needs replacing, which makes your money go a lot further.

Roof maintenance makes it possible to detect problems before they get out of hand. You can fix them and save money on future repairs. Replacing missing shingles may seem costly at the time but it is a lot cheaper than repairing the damage they can cause over time. Most roof problems are easy and cheap to fix if detected early. You get to save the cost of calling in a contractor for repairs.

In addition, a well-maintained roof preserves the house’s efficiency and makes it energy efficient. It guarantees that the house receives the proper ventilation and insulation. It maintains the house healthy and increases its comfort level. This is essential for lowering energy-related expenses.

4. Protecting Your Attic From Water Damage

Overlooking roof maintenance poses damage to your attic since leaking roofs can damage your attic structures. Whether you have old boxes, old electronics, or a box of baseball kits in your attic, a leaking roof can damage them. The purpose of checking your attic and roof regularly is to identify leaks, cracks, and bends. Since the attic is hidden, it can be difficult to identify problems. It is, therefore, important to seek professional help. With some help, you may be able to save your attic and valuables from damage.

5. Preventing Health Issues

A leaky roof may promote the growth of mold in your walls and ceilings. Water damage may penetrate your vents and HVAC system making your home damp. It may trigger allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Mold circulates through your vents and without proper maintenance, you and your family may end up breathing contaminated air. There are lots of ways to prevent mold from growing on your roof:

  • Use a non-abrasive method to clear your roof of debris
  • Upgrade your shingles and add copper or zinc strips to keep moss and algae from your roof
  • Clean your gutters regularly to keep water from stagnating
  • Trim your tree branches back to ensure that your roof receives sufficient sunlight. The more sunlight your roof gets, the less opportunity for mold growth

Brown-and-white house beside trees

6. Maintaining Its Good Looks

Attractive walls and a roof go into making a beautiful home. The roofs of your accommodations are the most visible and continually subject to wear and tear, so irregular or no maintenance will make them appear unsightly.

Regular maintenance will help you maintain the good looks of your roof for a long time. Your technician will scrape off algae from your roof, replace missing and damaged shingles, and keep your roof in its best condition for a long time. Discolorations, algae, moss, and missing shingles can change the physical appearance of your roof.

A properly maintained roof not only looks and performs better, but it also sustains the value of your house. When you decide to sell your home, the improved curb appeal alone will bring in a higher price, but regular roof care increases the value of your home to a buyer who can rely on its quality and protective ability.

7. Preventing Fires

Preventing Fires

Roof maintenance can reduce the possibility of house fires. Common causes of fires include lightning, gas leaks, and poor electrical connections. If you have a leaky roof, it can make your wires short circuit and cause a fire. House fires can have devastating results. They can cause significant property damage and loss of life and you may incur huge financial losses.

Regular roof maintenance is a good idea. Get professional help for good results. Even though it may be possible to perform some tasks without help, you should not do it. Unless you have experience in roof maintenance and repairs, you are unlikely to do a good job. The poor workmanship will affect the appearance of your roof. Even though DIY videos may look easy, you should not rely on them.

Professional help may help you save money. While DIYs require you to buy everything you may need, you may not always get the job done on your first attempt. You may have to buy everything multiple times. Most DIYs are unsuccessful so you may have to call in a professional when you fail. When working with a professional, you only need to pay for labor costs. You don’t need to worry about frequent repair costs.