7 Reasons Why Choosing to Learn Spanish in School Is the Right Choice

Most students feel so overwhelmed by the school curriculum that they find it scary to add an extra language. They think that it will add to their workload and would feel pressured to keep up with the course. It might be true in some ways. Learning a new language is not an easy task. It can present a plethora of challenges, and it can take some serious efforts to get good grades in the subject. So why would you want to add it to your curriculum? Sometimes you don’t have a choice in early school because you need to have an additional subject other than English. But why would you choose Spanish?

Even though Spanish might not be your native language, it is the second most spoken language not only in America but all over the world. It might be an intimidating language to learn, and the rules of reading and writing vary between English and Spanish in several instances. But learning Spanish can prove to be a great asset for your future. If you struggle with the language, resources are widely available to help you out. You can start with Spanish books for beginners.  You can find assignments and homework help in Spanish on the internet as well as every library in America. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should think again and consider learning Spanish.

Improve Your Average GPA

Learning Spanish can be useful to improve your average GPA. Spanish is easier for many students who are not that good at maths or science subjects. Learning a language comes naturally to many students. Completing homework and assignments can take less time for Spanish students. If you are one of those students, scoring higher grades in Spanish homework and tests can make up for a lower performance in other subjects and save your average GPA from being shot. Getting a good Spanish tutor online can also improve your grades considerably. If your school considers the best of all your subjects, having Spanish as an additional language can help you get a better average grade.

Improves Your English

Yes, you read that right. Learning Spanish or any other language can help you to improve your English grades as well. When you learn another language, it exposes you to a world of new information that can help write English assignments and homework. Most students have to observe the differences between Spanish and English while learning the former. You would learn about grammatical rules and exceptions that you did not know before while completing your Spanish homework. Learning Spanish words can also improve your English vocabulary as you come across new meanings. You can also speak to your Spanish tutor in English and mutually improve each other’s languages.

It Can Introduce You to Many Rich Cultures

You must have eaten Spanish food and heard Spanish music often. But the Spanish culture is way beyond that. Learning the language can be the first step to exploring the opportunities of learning about their rich culture and heritage. Spanish culture is older than many other cultures of the world and much older than American culture. You will be able to learn about their cuisine, literature, festivals, and many other aspects. Learning the language will also allow you to learn about many cultures from all over the world. Since most of Latin America speaks Spanish, you will be able to know more about their traditions and lifestyle.

Career Opportunities

As we mentioned before, Spanish is the most spoken language in the world right after Mandarin Chinese. What will probably surprise you is that English is the third most spoken language, so fewer people speak in English than Spanish. A lot countries use English as their official language. But as far as business and career opportunities are concerned, learning Spanish will open many doors for you. There are many parts of the world where people do not speak English or do not consider it their official language of communication. These countries have many natural resources, which makes them perfect for foreign business opportunities. Learning Spanish will give you an edge for companies that have Spanish outreach or business contacts. It will also allow you to climb the workplace hierarchy faster.

Traveling is Easier

Knowing how to speak Spanish can not only be an advantage for business travel but leisure as well. Most of the Spanish speaking countries are extremely beautiful and present excellent travel opportunities. Many of these countries treat Spanish speaking customers better than others. It will also enable you to negotiate things in a better way. Knowing how to speak Spanish can come in handy when you are stuck in one of these countries due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a storm or a natural disaster. It will also help you to navigate their healthcare system, which can prove difficult if you only speak English.

There are many more reasons why learning Spanish should be one of your priorities in school. If you have not given it much thought before, we hope that reading this article will enable you to expand your horizon and explore new frontiers in the Spanish language.