7 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

A new roof is one of the most important investments you’ll make, so you need to pick the right residential roofing contractors. That means you’ll have to do some homework – but where do you start? The best way to find the right roofing contractor is to ask questions. A good contractor will have the answers you need – and won’t be shy about sharing them. James Kate Construction Roofing company is one of those roofers that will not hesitate when it comes to giving a straightforward answer for your roofing questions.

What type of roofing materials do you use?

A good contractor will be able to list down all the materials they need. You should also be clear on the kind of roof you need as the homeowner. You need to talk to your contractor and ask for a written list to learn more about this. The good news is, you can even ask these questions for a few months, so your contractor has time to check the details. You will also get enough time to get the best contractor for you. You can see more here about all things you should be looking for while associating with a professional roofing company. Ask about the type of work the contractor does and the services it offers. Find out how long your roofer’s job will take. For example, if you need to replace a roof soon, how long should you expect the contractor to take? Make sure you don’t get shortchanged on the quality of work.

What is your project timeline and warranty?

Every roofing contractor’s goals are different, but they all have a deadline for finishing their work. The best way to find out how long it will take for your contractor to get your roofing done is to ask your questions and do some investigating. You can start by searching online for reviews from past customers and checking timelines they have used for past projects. What are your usual schedules and deadlines? It might seem like a waste of time to ask, but you never know. That way, you’ll be sure you get the work you need when you need it. Do you offer a warranty and guarantee? Will I be able to buy additional insurance? It is vital to make sure you are fully covered.

How long have you been in business?

Even though you should always do your research before making any significant decisions, don’t wait too long before talking to a roofing contractor. If you wait too long, you’ll be at the mercy of the contractors who haven’t been in business or who do not even know how many projects they’ve completed. By asking a few questions, you can get a rough idea of how long they have been in business, what experience they have, and how long they have completed similar projects. It will also gauge whether you feel they have the expertise necessary for the task at hand.

Why should I hire you over the competition?

One of the most important qualities that will help you hire the right roofing contractor is whether or not they are reliable. Are they available when you need them? Will they take care of your job even if it’s busy? Do they offer the best prices? Why do they feel they are better skilled than other contractors? All of these questions should be answered.

Ask the contractor to provide references for previous jobs

For every project, you need to hire a contractor to complete it. The project will have multiple people on-site, so it’s a good idea to check up on the contractor’s past work. Ask for references for projects they’ve completed for previous clients, and keep in mind that references are not a guarantee of success.

Do you have experience working with insurance companies?

It is vital to understand that the roofing contractor you choose will need to undergo an insurance company’s roof inspection. A new roof should be inspected after some time to make sure it’s still up to code. A roofing contractor with experience dealing with insurance companies will have the expertise to help you navigate the process.

Hiring a reputable roofing contractor means that you need a roofer that’s insured to provide services. Without insurance, your new roof will be the most expensive item your home will ever purchase. A good roof contractor will work with you to provide the insurance coverage you need.

Will my roof be guaranteed against leaks, mold, and other damage after installation?

Some roofing contractors offer a warranty against leaks, mold, and other damage – which is nice. But this might not be as much as you might think. Most contractors can only guarantee the harm they know might happen. If your roof leaks in winter, your roofer might not be able to help you. This is an important question that needs to be asked before the final decision is made.