7 More Things You Should Know About Your Vagina

Almost half of the world’s population has a vagina. Unfortunately, many women know so little about this wonderful reproductive machinery. Did you know most women have an issue with saying the word “vagina?” Hence why the vagina has so many nicknames. Still, no matter what you call it, everyone can agree it plays a major role in sexual satisfaction and human reproduction. But there is more about the vaginal health than many people realize. As you read on, there’s more you can learn about the vagina that you did not know about.

1. It probably isn’t what you think 

This is one fact to get out of the way. Many people when they talk about the vagina, refer to it as a woman’s private parts collectively. While this is not the case, the vagina is a specific part of the reproductive system of a female. It is a muscular tube that connects the uterus and cervix to the outside of the body. According to research, the vaginal depth can be up to 3.1 inches. While during sexual arousal it can get to 4.7 inches.

2. The clitoris has thousands of nerves 

The clitoris and vagina are different parts. But, it is an amazing piece of the female genitalia that women associate with the vagina. Many people wonder where is the clit on a woman? Is what they call the clitoris, the clitoris? Women consider it the core of sexual satisfaction. But of course, the nerves on the tip of the clitoris are up to 8,000. Which is double the number in the penis. This makes it the most sensitive part of an erogenous zone of a woman.

3. Don’t clean with harsh products

The beauty of the vagina is that it cleans itself. For this reason, avoid using perfumed products and scented soaps to clean it. By doing this, you will mess the natural balance of the vaginal bacteria, and increase your risk of getting infections. The glands that secrete fluid from the vagina, help to keep it clean. Thus, to avoid suffering from soreness, irritation, and itching because you disrupted the natural balance of the vagina. Do not use these harsh products. Vaginas are sensitive. It is best to wash them once a day with water and nothing else.

4. It’s beneficial to work out your vagina 

These exercises are pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises. This exercise helps to tighten the vagina. As a result, they help manage urinary incontinence and also improve sexual satisfaction. Additionally, research shows that other than Kegel exercises, regular sexual activities keep your vagina healthy.

5. What you eat affects its smell 

Any unusual odors from your vagina are mainly because of your diet. Therefore, no matter how many soaps you use to clean it, the smell will remain. For instance, excess of foods such as garlic and onions, are foods with strong smells that will leave you smelling less fresh. Always check what you eat. Sometimes it may not be the food that is the problem, especially when the scent changes dramatically. Visit your doctor it could be a sign of infection and you need to treat it.

6. A tampon cannot be lost in there 

Some horror stories all over the internet and from friends may make you believe that tampons get lost in the vagina. However, the tampon can’t get lost. Simply because the opening at the top is small for a tampon to escape through. What is possible, is to get a tampon stuck. In this case, visit a doctor to have it removed. If you leave it for long, you increase the risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome.

7. The vagina doesn’t “fart”

Almost every woman has experienced this at one point. It is an uncontrollable and embarrassing emission of air from the vagina. Also known as “queefing” these puffs of air are simply that, trapped air that gets released from the vaginal canal. Therefore, they are not “farts” as they have no unpleasant odor and are not waste gases. Importantly, vaginal flatulence can be because of vaginal fistula, this is an abnormal opening from the vagina to the bladder, rectum, or colon.