7 Items to Spruce Up Your Maternity Wardrobe

Being pregnant is an exciting time in your life. With this experience will come many changes—including your body. As your little human starts to grow inside of you, you will notice that your boobs get bigger, your butt gets wider, your belly gets larger and your ankles and feet swell up.

All of these changes are completely normal and come with the territory of being pregnant. But with the changes comes the necessity to switch up your wardrobe with some serious pregnancy fashion hacks. While in the past maternity wear has gotten a bad rap, the movers and shakers of the fashion industry have made maternity wear one of the most fashionable styles out there.

Not only can you wear designer couture while pregnant, but you can even get pregnancy shoes too. So regardless of if you are craving a cozy wardrobe or want to feel fabulous on a night out with girlfriends, you can easily spruce up your maternity wardrobe.

Whether you are already showing or not, you can follow these top tips to help find the perfect tops, bottoms, accessories, and footwear so you can really show off that pregnancy glow in style.

Here are the must-have items that every pregnant woman needs in their maternity wardrobe.

1. The Loose Fitting Top

Having a large belly means that your normal tops will fit differently. That is why investing in a great flowy blouse is great on numerous levels. First, for those wanting to hide the fact they are pregnant, a flowy top can cover up the baby bump for at least the beginning stages of the pregnancy. But it also has enough room to grow with you, meaning you can make this a go-to wardrobe piece for the duration of your pregnancy.

2. The Cozy Sweater

Pregnancy lasts for three-fourths of the year. That means that it is extremely likely you will be living through some cooler months and will want some wardrobe pieces to warm you right up. For a cozy and flattering option, go with a fitted kit sweater. Not only is it going to show off the baby bump in style, but the fabric will be unbelievably soothing and comfortable to wear. Best of all, you can keep this cozy sweater around for years to come as it will provide you with the same warmth and style after your baby bump disappears.

3. The Oversized Button Down

Wearing a classy button-down top with leggings is one of the ultimate pregnancy looks and something we highly recommend you try. Not only are you able to wear a stylish outfit while maintaining the utmost style, but it is an outfit that will likely work well for all your trimesters. This is a great option for those brunch dates with friends or a casual day in the office.

4. The Versatile Tank

As your little human starts to grow within you, your body will change and so will your hormones. This will mean that it is likely you will experience hot flashes and want to have roomy tops that are breathable. Getting a racerback yoga tank top is one of the best options. The material is stretchy yet supportive and best of all, it allows for the cool breeze to get directly in when needed most.

5. The Go-To Sweatshirt

While looking and feeling great is important while pregnant, being comfortable is equally important. That is why your maternity wardrobe should have at least one quality sweatshirt that is slouchy and roomy enough to cuddle up in. The sweatshirt is perfect for cuddling up in at home or even throwing on for some quick errands during the day.

6. The Pregnancy Shoes

One of the most forgotten parts of being pregnant is the realization that your shoe size is going to change. This means that it is highly likely you will need shoes in different sizes designed to support swollen and pregnant feed. The best pregnancy shoes are also designed to slide right on so you do not have to worry about tying them up and navigating that baby bump.

7. The Flowy Dress

Another must-have in the maternity wardrobe is a flowy dress. The best part about getting this for your wardrobe while pregnant is that it will likely also be able to be worn after you give birth too. Nothing is more flattering than a flowy floral dress that really shows off that pregnancy glow, provides you with a ton of support, and is uber comfortable to wear.


Being pregnant is something that should be celebrated by investing in the ultimate pregnancy wardrobe. From quality pregnancy shoes to comfortable tops, there are so many great pieces to rock all nine months long. And if you pick right, they can be enjoyed well after the pregnancy is done too.