7 Ideas for Your Next Real Estate Video

Marketing is inevitable for any business. Many companies use different marketing strategies to grow their business. As a real estate owner, you need to reach out to your clients before they reach out to you. Always put yourself out there for the people to meet you and learn what you offer. 

Every marketer has several things that lead them to market their products. And to learn more about real estate trends, statistics, and other relevant information, check out the top rated Georgia MLS IDX for Realtors.

1. Product – what do you have to offer? How is it different from others in the same field? You need to answer the above questions when describing your products. In this case, your product is in the real estate world. Your next client needs to know something that will make them rent or buy your house.

2. Price – Customers are also interested in knowing the cost of renting or buying from you. Every real estate marketer needs to give the customers an idea of how much they should prepare to spend. If you are not comfortable stating the exact price, provide a range to guide the clients.

3. Promote – This is where the name marketing comes from. If you are into marketing, the core objective is to increase your sales. It is therefore important to speak well of your services. Convince your potential buyers that you are the best.

4. Place – When we search for a house to buy, we are first interested in a particular location. Therefore, it is important that when you prepare to make real estate videos, give a clear location where the real estate is located. Take a walk around the area, capturing some of the attractive things that will make the customer want to come and reside there.

5. People – Finally, when marketing your products on different platforms and specifically using video marketing as a strategy, always remember that you are reaching out to people. To do this effectively, you should know what your target market is. Whom do you want to buy or rent your space? State it clearly in your video if it is a family home or hostel. If you want shared apartments, be clear if you are looking for people who wish to share apartments. Similarly, if you have a service or an application that needs to be carefully explained and served to your customers, how you present the concept of your business idea can make or break it. There is no need to write complicated bulky paragraphs loaded with technical words and specifications. Instead, a simple step-by-step guide or, ideally a short video is more than enough to reach your target audience. In case your in-house marketing team is not well-equipped with content shooting and production, you can collaborate with an explainer video production agency that has experience and a portfolio of similar content production within your industry.

With the many available marketing strategies, video marketing strategy has become one of the most popular marketing tools. Over 55% of social media users spend at least one-hour watching videos and clips on their social media platforms. There is a sense of trust when people can attach an image to the audio they are listening to or the content they are reading. Since people trust what they see, it is important to make real estate videos that they will use to know your real estate company and get in touch with you.

We will share with you some ideas for your next real estate video that will make you stand out from the crowd. There are many places that you can use to share this video and enrich your business.

1. Talk about your area

As mentioned afore, the first consideration for anyone searching for a house to rent or buy is its location. When creating your video as a marketing strategy, it is not enough to mention the location in passing. Your potential client wants to know more about the area, and they want to hear both the good and bad things. Do not be afraid to talk about the bad side because this will help your next client trust you.

2. Give all the details

It is important to give all the details: what is the weather like in your real estate location, when is it too cold, and when should they dress light? Talk about how the security of the area is, as people want a safe environment, mention some precautions to take. Mention if it is safe to walk at night and such like details. Mention the traffic, and at what time of the day should they be cautious of traffic? These are just a few details you can include in your video. 

3. Rent or buy

Talk about the available options. Explain what it means to rent a house in the area compared to buying it. Talk about the benefits and disadvantages of both, then leave the person to make their own decision. You should not impose your ideas on the clients. Most people want to have the freedom to make their own decisions. Remember, the target market may be looking for a short-term rental house or a long-term primary residence.

4. Recreational facilities 

When you are making real estate videos, be sure to highlight what are the to-go-to places around the area. Mention some of the available outdoor activities that they can do in the area. If there are parks, museums, and the like, do not be afraid to cover that. These are some of the things people look for when moving to a new residential area. Explore the areas capturing them in the video so that the clients know what they can do with their free time once they move into the area.

5. Talk about the neighborhood

Apart from the recreational facilities, walk the viewers around the neighborhood. Help them learn about other businesses in the area and government institutions. People would love to know where they can get some services when needed. Visit the shopping malls, schools, hospitals, religious institutions and highlight them. If possible, talk about the available opportunities for investment. 

6. Ongoing projects

You may find some people who are not interested in what is available now but what is coming soon. If there is a project or facility under construction, you can visit such sites and capture them in the video. Give the viewers a mental picture of how the house will look after completion. This will keep them waiting for more updates from you hence more videos. 

7. Testimonials

In your video, you may conduct some interviews with people who have stayed in the estate before. Allow them to share their experiences in the area. Many people love listening to stories, and such success stories may attract them into your real estate. 


We hope these ideas will help you beef up your next real estate video. As you make the videos, remember to apply SEO optimization tools. Google search tools will help you get in touch with new clients.