7 Gift-Giving Tips That’ll Help You Find the Perfect Gift Each Time

Every year, we’re tasked with buying a large number of presents. There are birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays such as Christmas that require lots of gift-giving! Not to mention, there might be the odd graduation, wedding, or other milestones that mean you have to scramble for a present.

If choosing a gift is always a headache for you, then not to worry. Here, we’ll give you 7 gift-giving tips that’ll help you out in a pinch!

1. Think About What They Love

Some people can be obsessed with things, which makes it super-easy to buy gifts for them. Maybe the giftee is currently into Animal Crossing, a popular video game. In that case, then you should think about buying them things that are related to the game.

For instance, there are coupons, tickets and free gift card rewards, etc. The possibilities are endless when you can think of a theme that someone likes.

Don’t be afraid to ask a recipient what their current favorites are. They can give you a general idea and you can pick a present without spoiling the surprise!

2. Think About What They Don’t Like Too

While people will have things they absolutely love, they’ll also have certain things that they abhor. Don’t forget to take this into account, as you might make a huge faux pas if you do!

Pay close attention to what your loved ones are saying. For example, maybe your girlfriend hates the color pink. So when considering girlfriend gift ideas, make sure you steer clear of that hue!

If you need a little help or need to confirm something, again, don’t be afraid to ask the person what you should steer clear from. On that note, you should also ask about phobias. After all, you don’t want to inadvertently give them something they’ll be afraid of!

3. Remind Them of Treasured Memories

Everybody knows that memories are one of the best presents out there, and they’re cheap too!

Round up all the pictures you have of you and your giftee. Then, put them all together in a scrapbook, which can easily be done on a website. You can also consider gifting them a blanket, canvas, mug, or any other merchandise with your treasured pictures on them.

That way, if they ever fall out of touch with you, they’ll still have these keepsakes that’ll give them comfort, no matter where they are.

4. Think of Inside Jokes

One of the best gifts you could give someone is one that reminds them of an inside joke between you two. The present could be a completely ordinary thing (such as a pencil or cup), but as soon as they unwrap the present, they’ll know exactly what you’re referring to and will definitely love what you’ve given them!

Try not to make the presents too big, as it’ll be too difficult for them to display. Instead, try to keep it to a more portable size so your giftee can show off your gift on a shelf or their office desk.

You can always steal some ideas from the previous section too!

5. Don’t Forget About Activities

When frantically thinking up potential presents, many people forget that they don’t actually have to give physical gifts. In fact, some people aren’t very materialistic and would prefer to do something instead.

So if you’re racking your brain for something to give someone you love, try and think out of the box.

Do they like art? Then get a wine and painting session.

Do they like sports? Then get them tickets to the next big game.

Are they a huge groupie? Then get them VIP passes to their idol’s concert.

If you can afford it, purchase them 2 tickets/admission to the activity so you can spend some quality time with your loved one doing what love. You can make some more treasured memories together!

6. Are They Lacking Something?

For most people, they’re always missing that perfect something that’d make their lives easier and/or more pleasant. Carefully observe the giftee in their everyday life and see if they mention anything.

For example, your aunt might be an artist. She might complain about an easel that’s about to fall apart. What better gift to give her than a new one for her birthday?

For a dad or an uncle who works in an office, they might need a watch to make sure they are on time in their daily schedules. You might want to consider getting them a watch, or a sterling silver pocket watch for something classier.

When you do this, you’re showing your loved ones how much you care and listen to their needs. They might even be shocked that you’ve picked up on exactly what they’re lacking in their lives!

7. Gift Them Food

We all need food to survive. But some people live to eat rather than eat to live! If that’s the case with your recipient, then you can always give them the gift of food.

You don’t have to give them physical food either. While a bag of baked cookies or a homemade meal might be great, you can also give them gift cards to their favorite restaurants. That way, they can enjoy some delicious food when they feel like taking a night off.

Another thing to consider is cooking classes. No matter how good their skills are, your loved one could probably always use some pointers!

No matter what present you choose, don’t forget to add an extra touch, such as a bouquet of fresh flowers from newcastlefleur.com.

Gift-Giving Made Easy

Gift-giving might not be your forte. But after reading this article, you should now have plenty of helpful tips that allow you to select meaningful presents for those you love.

So stop stressing out about gift ideas. The next time you want to show someone how much you appreciate them, or congratulate them on a milestone, just keep this article in mind!

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