7 Best Side Jobs for Extra Cash in Your Spare Time

Are you looking for ways to make extra money in addition to your normal job? Here are the best side jobs for extra cash if you have the spare time for it.

Is there truly anyone who couldn’t stand to make more money?

Okay, probably. But for the vast majority of us, having a little extra capital can go a long way. So if you have the luxury of some spare time, you could be working side jobs for extra cash.

So how do you get in on the side hustle? We’ll take a look at seven options.

1. Online Writer

There are so many options on the internet for writers.

Whether you freelance for a magazine, manage a blog, proofread or edit content, or write fiction, there’s an online marketplace looking for wordsmiths.

2. Ride Share Driver

Do you have a reliable vehicle as well as amazing people skills? There is a wealth of cities where ride-sharing has quickly become a way of life. You’ll meet a lot of interesting people while getting them safely from point A to point B. Plus, you can pick the hours you work.

If you’d rather deliver packages than people, that’s an option as well. Various companies allow you to work flexible delivery hours. You can apply quickly and easily online. 

3. Pet Care

If you prefer the company of animals to people, you’ll find many offerings for pet care. You can sign up for apps and websites that will connect you with pet parents looking for care. You might walk a dog several times per week. Or perhaps pet sitting a couple of cats over the weekend is more your pace.

You can even apply to pick up some hours at a doggy daycare or boarding facility if the self-employed route is not your thing.

4. Yoga Instructor

If you’re looking for a side job that is also rewarding, teaching yoga would be just the sort of empowering gig we would recommend.

It’s a great way to transform your passion for yoga into a way to help others while making a little extra cash each week.

5. Tasker 

If you’re a jack or jill of all trades, you can bet someone needs your help.

Your skill set might include fixing appliances, helping people move, hanging pictures, or really any other number of activities that others would happily pay you to do. 

6. Professional Organizer

Are you a self-proclaimed neat freak? There are actual psychological benefits to cleanliness. But you can also capitalize on your tendency to straighten and make things “just so.”

You could get a side gig as a professional organizer arranging, cleaning, and tidying up both work and home spaces. You may even find some reward in implementing efficient and user-friendly organization systems for businesses. 

7. Childcare

Childcare is more than babysitting. That’s why more and more parents seeking care for their little ones are opting for adults rather than teenagers. And it’s an enjoyable way to make extra money for those who love kids. 

Could Side Jobs for Extra Cash Help You?

If you have the extra time and energy, you could work on the above sides jobs for extra cash to boost your finances.

And in the meantime, keep checking back with our finance blog for more great ideas!