7 Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

Going to the dentist is not something that most people look forward to. However, with Cosmetic Bonding, patients have adopted the procedure because of the several benefits that are associated with it. The non-invasive procedure requires minimal preparation, which has made it a preference for those who do not want to spend so much time at the dentist. It is an option for patients who do not qualify or are not interested in having veneers. Cosmetic bonding offered at Powers Dental Group is seen to be less expensive, and less tooth sensitivity felt as it does not require shaving down one’s tooth enamel. Not only is the procedure less painful and cost-effective, but also a preference for most patients.

Meanwhile, here are some benefits of having cosmetic bonding:


Among the many advantages of having cosmetic bonding is that it is very cost-effective. Compared to other dental procedures available, cosmetic bonding is very affordable and cost-effective for that matter. When a patient takes up cosmetic bonding as their procedure, one can take up to 10 years before getting any touch-ups or even replacement. This way, one can save a lot of money that could have been used when undergoing other procedures. In addition to this, cosmetic bonding restores the shape of teeth and how they feel at a go. No additional costs are needed when the process is done.

Straightforward Procedure

Cosmetic bonding is known to be one of the most straightforward procedures when it comes to dental treatment. Unlike other procedures like veneers and dental crowns, cosmetic bonding can be completed in a single visit to the dentist. In a case like that of crowns, it needs to be manufactured before the procedure is carried out. A cosmetic bonding procedure can be completed in one appointment, making it top of the most comfortable procedures. In addition to this, cosmetic bonding utilized tooth composite resin for fixing aesthetic imperfections.

Fast Process

Unlike veneers that need one to wait for a third party to manufacture them, having cosmetic bonding is much faster. Cosmetic bonding requires minimal preparation unless one is having a tooth decay being filled. In addition to this, when the dentist uses a resin for your cosmetic bonding procedure, they have a shade guide that helps them choose the best composite resin for your teeth. This way, the procedure is regarded as faster due to the minimal preparation and the fact that it’s a non-invasive procedure.

Boosts Confidence

Most people find it challenging to smile when they have front teeth with cracks, gaps, or even stains; It robs them of their self-confidence and forces them to hide when they smile. However, cosmetic bonding is the best choice for people that want to correct gaps, staining, and any other imperfections on their front teeth. Through the procedure, one’s self-confidence is regained and boosted.

Preserve’s Your Enamel

As mentioned before, cosmetic bonding does not require shaving one’s tooth enamel. In this case, it helps preserve one’s tooth enamel. The primary function of tooth enamel is to protect our teeth’ inner layers, which are very sensitive; therefore, the tooth enamel must remain undamaged even when undergoing the procedure. Unlike porcelain veneers, when one undergoes cosmetic bonding, little or no enamel is removed. This ensures that one’s teeth remain intact and natural in that case.

The Process is Less Painful

Cosmetic bonding has become popular among patients who undergo dental procedures because it’s less painful than other procedures. Patients rarely feel any pain during a cosmetic bonding procedure. In a situation where the cosmetic bonding is done to treat any cavities, numbing medication is used, therefore numbing any pain that the patient may feel. Compared to other dental procedures like root canals, cosmetic bonding is less painful; in fact, it is a procedure that will ensure the patient remains comfortable during the whole process.

Lasts a Long Time

Cosmetic bonding is not only a less painful procedure but also long-lasting. Most patients take between 3 and 10 years to have some touch-ups done on the procedure or even being replaced. This is because the composite resin used in cosmetic bonding is very durable and a long-lasting substance. However, as much as cosmetic bonding is durable and long-lasting, it is advisable to take up the procedure only for minor cosmetic changes.

Indeed cosmetic bonding has gained popularity among patients who want their self-confidence restored or repair done on their teeth. The above points outline the many benefits that are associated with cosmetic bonding as a non-invasive procedure.