7 Advanced Latte Arts for Coffee

Latte art is difficult and the pain is real. That said and done, if you are here, you’ve probably scaled through the first basic latte art designs and you are looking for many advanced designs. In this article, I would be highlighting 7 Advanced Latte Arts for Coffee.  Get your cups, jugs, frothed milk, and coffee as I walk you through them in a few steps. Also, check Great Coffee Brewers for great espresso machines at affordable prices.

Seven Advanced Latte Art for Coffee

Apart from the tulip, Rosetta and heat, you probably yearn for more as that creative barista that you are. In the Latte art game, a lot of creative designs have spiked up and if you want to keep your friends, family or customers impressed, you’re going to have to leave your comfort zone and delve into much difficult- advanced designs. Below, are seven picked Latte art designs for you;

Wheat Spike

This later art design is a personal favorite. To make this design, you would require as much concentration as you can muster. It’s okay if you fail at it multiple times, no one gets good overnight.

The trick to this is to wiggle the frothed milk in an ongoing s pattern and then drag the milk through it in half. You could go as many times as the cup allows.


This design is a little more than just frothed milk. To create this, pour your frothed milk in a close circle until the cup is full. After this, take a teaspoon, scoop some milk, and place it in the middle of the cup. Once done, define the circle using chocolate syrup and then create a smaller circle within the defined circle. Highlight with a skewer and then make more layers using the same method


The Rosetta will always be a hit, but there are many advanced ways of making one other than three layers, go for more, seven to ten layers. It may take time to master, but the results are well worth it


For this design, pour the frothed milk as though you are making a wheat spike, but rather than going through it, create a line right next to it and then drip some frothed milk next to the line for the swan head.

Written word

Another impressive latte art rage is the art of writing messages so coffee, either the owner’s name or good morning, an apology, or even an I love you!


To ace this design, firstly create a base with the frothed milk as you would be doing a lot of skewer work. Pour the milk in circles for a while, stop and then create the work area; a blurb of white milk. Using a skewer, create the finishing touches


To create this design, first, create the base, then instead of stopping, your right through until you see the contrast. When you do, create a rippled base. After this, put a stick in the middle to spread the base out. Then, create the leaves to the rose by pouring in an interwoven manner then slit it through till the stack.

Once done with this, create your petals based on how much space you have left.