6 Tips to Remove Negative Energy From Your Body and Home

Negative energy can be detrimental to your health and overall well being. Here’s you can properly remove negative energy from your body and home.

Do you feel sluggish in your own home? As if something is holding you back, making it harder to go about your day?

You and your home could be infested with negative energy that is slowly chipping away at you. Here are six tips on how to remove this negative energy.

1. Air it Out, Shake it Out

This method can remove negative energy both from yourself and fro your home.

Airing out your home can help push the bad energy out and help you relax. Simply open all the windows, crack the doors, and let the breeze trick its path.

You also want to shake out your pillows and your blankets. This can remove any negative energy stored here.

After doing so, shake out your body. Shaking your hands, feet, and your whole body and help fling some of that negative energy out of you.

2. Incense

Burning incense can aid in the removal of negative energy in your home. This is because incense elevates the energy in its space.

Fragrances that are specific to energy cleansing include lavender, rose, and sage. For the best results in your home, choose a scent that you like.

3. Clear the Clutter

No matter how hard you’re impacted by the negative energy in your home, picking up around the house and instantly start to alleviate some of that bad energy.

Remember, your environment will dictate how you feel. Be sure to maintain a neat space to keep the positive energy flowing.

Move some furniture if you need to. Just do what feels right and keep it clutter-free. Check out the link, if you are using Aztec Healing Clay Mask and want to know if does aztec clay expire.

4. Meditate

Meditation is important for many reasons and should be incorporated in your routine, but meditation is perfect for cleansing your body of negative energy.

Lighting some incense and sitting down in a neat space to meditate will do wonders for your health, your mind, your aura, and it will cleanse you of bad energy.

5. Crystals

Protecting your space and your home with crystals like the black obsidian can be an effective solution to a multitude of problems. There are many crystal meanings, but some are better at removing bad energy than others.

For your home and your space, black tourmaline is great at dissolving negative energy. For your body, rose quartz is known for replacing negative vibes with positive ones.

6. Remove Broken Items

This may seem odd, but broken objects in your home bring in negative energy.

Whether its something as small as a chipped cup to something as large as a broken bed frame, repair or rid of these items.

The negative energy within them should go with them, leaving your space positive and refreshing.

No More Negative Energy

Now that you have a basis of knowledge on how to rid negative energy from your body and from your home, its time to do so. Negative energy will stay only as long as you let it.

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