6 Things You Need for Your Strawberry Themed Birthday Party

Everybody loves strawberries — strawberry ice cream, strawberry cake, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry jam and a lot more. Kids especially love strawberries because they taste sweet and look appetizing to eat. If you’re planning to have a strawberry themed birthday party for your child (or yourself), There are 6 essential items that you need to have that will make your party one-of-a-kind:

1. Strawberry plates

This is one of the most important strawberry-themed party supplies that you’ll need for your party. Make sure to buy strawberry plates and strawberry paper cups because these are the ones that will set the strawberry theme of your party. You don’t want to serve strawberries in plastic spoons or forks — it’s not going to look appetizing at all.

2. Real strawberry bouquet

The strawberry bouquet is a great strawberry themed gift that you can give to your kid or to friends on their birthday. It’s more special than a plain flower bouquet because it looks attractive and appetizing. Also, strawberry bouquet is great for decoration because your guests can take some home after the strawberry themed party.

3. Strawberry cake

Like strawberry plates and strawberry paper cups , strawberry cake is a must-have in any strawberry-themed party . Strawberry cake looks sweet and yummy — unlike the usual chocolate cakes that we see at birthday parties. Choose strawberry cake over chocolate cake for your kids strawberry themed birthday party and they’ll surely love it.

4. Strawberry piñata

Kids love strawberry piñata because it looks appetizing and fun to eat. Who would want to break a plain looking piñata when you can play strawberry candy-filled pinatas at strawberry themed parties?

5. Strawberry balloons

Balloons instantly make everything better and brighter. They’re not only exciting, but they’re strawberry-themed! And your guests will love them.

6. Strawberry centerpieces or candles

You can place strawberry centerpieces in the middle of your strawberry tablescape at your strawberry-themed party to wow your guests. You can also add strawberry-scented candles that your guests can take home as a souvenir.

So now you know what you need for your strawberry-themed party, and what will make it amazing. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make sure your guests will have a great time. Just plan some fun-filled activities for the kids and their parents, whether they involve strawberries or not!

Plan Some Birthday Activities

Be sure to schedule some enjoyable activities for your guests. Here are a few ideas:

  1. You may set up a strawberry taste-testing station so visitors can sample several strawberry varieties or strawberry-flavored foods
  2. A strawberry picking scavenger hunt or a strawberry toss game
  3. Set up a station where attendees may get their faces painted with strawberry designs
  4. Make strawberry shortcake kabobs for your guests using skewers and a variety of ingredients. Layers of whipped cream, strawberries, cut-pound cake, and other toppings are optional. This may be a wonderful dessert choice in addition to being a fun and engaging exercise.
  5. Put up a painting station with white canvasses, paint, and sponges or stamps in the shape of strawberries. Invite guests to create their own artwork with a strawberry theme so they can take it home with them as a party treat.
  6. Create a photo booth area with accessories with a strawberry theme, including huge strawberries or strawberry caps. Invite guests to include the objects in their shots and provide them access to a Polaroid camera or instant printer so they can take their images home as a souvenir.

Depending on the interests and ages of your guests, you can add many more entertaining and imaginative activities to a strawberry-themed birthday party.

Venue Ideas

It might be entertaining to select a location that goes with the theme when organizing a birthday party with a strawberry theme. Here are some suggestions for locations that might be ideal for a party with a strawberry theme:

1. Local Park

If your local park contains trees and greenery that can be covered with banners and garlands featuring strawberries, it may be a fantastic location for a strawberry-themed celebration. At the park, you may conduct a strawberry-picking scavenger hunt as well as put up picnic tables or blankets on the grass.

2. Farm or Orchard

A strawberry-growing farm or orchard might be the perfect setting for a party with a strawberry theme. You may organize events like strawberry picking or even a hayride, and you can serve farm-fresh strawberry delights.

3. Garden

A stunning and distinctive location for a party with a strawberry theme may be a garden or greenhouse. Strawberry plants in pots may be used to adorn the area, and you can include garden-themed activities like sowing strawberry seeds or making pots for visitors to take home.

4. Function Hall

A function hall is an excellent choice if you’re throwing a big celebration. A strawberry toss game, strawberry painting, or even a strawberry taste testing station might be planned as activities. The area can be decorated with strawberry-themed decorations.

5. Backyard

Consider having the party in your backyard if you’re seeking for a more relaxed and private setting. You may put out blankets or picnic tables and embellish them garlands and banners with strawberry themes. Also, you may organize events like strawberry-themed games, strawberry picture booths, and strawberry shortcake kabob cooking.