6 Office Gadgets That You Need to Have When Working from Home

Still working from home? Do you feel like you are not achieving as much as you used to? Being stuck at home with a plethora of work-related tasks and deadlines you need to keep track of can run you up the wall. Whether working from home is a recent development for you or you have been doing it for as long as you can remember, you cannot ignore the importance of having a few nifty gadgets in making your life a little bit easier. If your office is bare and in need of some additions to make it the most efficient work area, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 amazing office gadgets you should give a try:

1. A Lap Desk

If your office still does not have a dedicated workstation, it is a good idea to get a lap desk. It may still prove useful even if your work area is already set up. Having a lap desk is crucial in case your laptop overheats often, as padded models easily solve this problem and help you ensure that your device remains in tip-top shape. Moreover, it can help you stay productive if you find yourself moving between rooms when working. Overall, a lap desk is a multi-purpose gadget that is not only perfect for any home office, but it is a neat tool for anyone who is working from their living quarters.

2. A Monitor Arm

Don’t have a laptop and miss the versatility that comes with adjusting the viewing angle of its monitor? Well, consider this a problem of the past. With a monitor arm, you can enjoy your ultra-wide PC screen without risking back pain or neck stiffness. In a nutshell, this amazing gadget allows you to adjust your monitor to your eye level. When purchasing this tool, make sure that the model you are going for is flexible enough and allows 360o rotation.

3. An Espresso Machine

When you are working from home, it is easy to get sidetracked. A five-minute trip to the kitchen for coffee can easily tempt you to waste 2 hours trying new recipes you have found online! So, why not have your own small coffee corner in your office? If you cannot focus without a hot cup of joe in hand, buying a home espresso machine can save you the trouble of running to and fro your kitchen. We recommend that you go for a model that is small enough to be placed in your office. Have a tight budget? No problem; you can find decent espresso machines under $100 online!

4. A Smart Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are not anything new; they have been around for hundreds of years, but the features present in smart models may entice you to ditch your old one! Not only do new desk lamps have touch controls and use eco-friendly LED bulbs, but some come equipped with small cooling fans, which means that you do not have to turn on your AC and waste a lot of money when it is unbearably hot. So, definitely upgrade to a newer, adjustable lamp, and see the difference for yourself.

5. A Phone Stand

Working remotely usually involves a lot of conference calls, and your current web camera may not be up to par. Instead of settling for the grainy quality of your laptop’s cam, why not turn your phone into one? Most smartphones today have amazing selfie cameras that beat most dedicated HD webcams on the market. You can simply use special software to connect your phone’s camera to your PC, but most importantly, don’t forget to buy a high-quality mobile stand. By propping your phone using a stand, you can enjoy its high-res cam without having to hold it yourself.

6. A Footrest

Sitting at your desk all day can negatively affect your health and cause a myriad of problems. This is particularly the case for people who do not maintain a proper posture while working on a computer. However, you can make finishing tasks a breeze if you are sitting comfortably. With a footrest, you can get a spa-worthy massage while finalizing reports or taking calls. Many models are also foldable, so you can basically store them anywhere!

Benefits of Having an Office Space

As more companies permit their staff to work remotely, creating a home office is becoming increasingly prevalent, and people recognize their advantages. 

Peace and Quiet

A personal workspace frees you from the constraints imposed by a traditional office. One of the most notable benefits of having a home office is its peace and quiet. Distractions can hamper productivity, and a tranquil environment is essential to prevent interruptions. Moreover, regular offices are often noisy due to conversations and meetings, making it challenging to work efficiently.

As a result, it’s crucial to have a private space in your home that you can work in. Doing so lets you close the door and create a peaceful and quiet environment, which is especially important if you plan to participate in Zoom calls. 

No Commute

Commuting to work every day is time-consuming and stressful. Many people live far away from their workplaces, meaning they have to wake up early and spend hours traveling. However, if you work from home, you can avoid such issues and save time. 

By not having to commute, you can spend more time with your family, sleep in a little longer, or even use the extra time to exercise or pursue hobbies. This can help you lower your stress levels, and you can save money on transportation costs, such as gas, bus fare, or car maintenance.

Furthermore, working from home makes you less likely to eat out or order lunch, which can also help you save money. So working from a home office can save you time and be cost-effective in the long run.


A home office offers flexibility, allowing you to balance your work and personal life better. You have the freedom to choose your working hours, and even if your job requires you to clock in, you can take breaks to spend time with your family or do household chores. You can also spend more time with your family because your commutes are cut short. 

Working from home means quickly attending to personal matters without sacrificing your work commitments. For instance, you can pick up your child from school or squeeze in a quick workout during slow work hours. This setup also encourages you to be more efficient with your work to make the most of your free time.


Staying comfortable while working from home is extremely important, not only for maintaining your mental and physical health but also for enhancing your productivity. With some small gadgets that will completely transform your office, you do not have to dread waking up every day for work! So, give them a try to see a huge boost in your work output.

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