6 Essential Things Every Guy Should Have In Their Closet

Deion Sanders once said, “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good. And when you play good they pay good.” Although he was referencing his football career in the last one, what he said makes a lot of sense. 

Guys constantly strive to look their best for themselves or to impress potential suitors. You may get the occasional compliment on your ensembles, but none of them are blowing people away. If you’re looking to do that or upgrade your appearance, here are some items you should have in your closet.

1. Basic T-Shirts

You can never go wrong with basic tees. They are the ultimate comfort and fashion item. You can wear them with most things like jeans, cargo pants, and slacks. Plus, they can be a staple for most outfits.

Another bonus about basic t-shirts is their variety. You can get them in most colors that can help add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. But you can keep it simple with black and white since those colors go with almost anything.

2. Blue Jeans

Every man should have a pair of blue jeans in his wardrobe. If you don’t, stop reading to order a couple online right now, or hop in your car and go to your nearest store. Blue jeans are an essential item to help up your fashion game. Why? They go with everything.

Blue jeans are durable, which isn’t the norm for most articles of clothing today. You wouldn’t have to spend money replacing them every few months due to wear and tear. Instead, you can switch up your ensemble how you see fit. 

Break out blue jeans with your pair of favorite sneakers. Or wear them with those Chelsea boots you’ve been dying to break out. Also, remember those basic tees we spoke about? Blue jeans go great with those as well. So ensure you get a pair ASAP to maximize your outfit potential.

3. Short Sleeve Shirts

Now you may be thinking, “aren’t t-shirts short sleeve shirts?” Yes, they are, but we aren’t talking about those. The ones we’re talking about have another name: “party shirts.” These are ideal for most outings because they look great with slacks and jeans.

What separates them from regular t-shirts is their style. Most have a nice collar, which gives you a cleaner look. You can have button-down dress shirts or a nice polo. You’ll also be able to wear them for multiple occasions, like parties, dinners, or casual outings with friends.

4. Dress Shoes

Another must-have for guys are dress shoes. As much as you would love to wear your sneakers everywhere, that’s not possible. Some places will turn you away if you don’t have the proper attire. So you can eliminate that hassle by getting a pair of dress shoes.

You don’t need to get anything too fancy; a lovely black or brown pair will suffice. They look great with jeans and slacks. Dress shoes are also versatile, so you can wear them to formal or casual events.

5. Hats

Whether the weather (ha) outside is frightful, or you need something to protect you from the sun’s UV rays, hats are always necessary. Besides their protection from the elements, they can significantly enhance an outfit’s potential. 

Hats add a certain mystique to your persona. Depending on what you wear, people seem curious about what’s underneath. It’s another side of you that people haven’t seen before. Find a nice knitted hat or cap to compliment your outfits and turn heads in the process.

6. Sweatshirts

Men love being comfortable, which is why most will have a variety of sweatpants or sneakers. However, if you don’t already, you should also have sweatshirts in your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a good sweatshirt. 

Firstly, they’re comfy, which you want for any piece of clothing. But they’re also stylish. You can wear sweatshirts with a nice pair of jeans. They work great with chinos or cargo pants as well. And you’ll be able to get them in different colors, making it easy to switch up the outfit combinations.

Here’s Are Items You Should Definitely Have In Your Closet

Upgrading your wardrobe is something you’ve been considering for a while but have yet to do. You may have some of the items listed above. But if you still need to, get them as soon as possible to bring your style to another level.