6 Effective Ways To Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is viewed as the healthier alternative to smoking and has become quite popular in recent years. Having an alternative to conventional smoking has been great for a lot of people. Not only do you get your nicotine hit, but you don’t have to worry about it burning your lungs and all of that other nasty gunk building up like it typically would with the use of conventional cigarettes. Vaping and e-cigarettes are an everyday essential and far less intrusive when out in public.

There are so many vape options out there to choose from. Here are a few ways to enhance your vaping experience whether you are new to the practice or have been vaping for a while.


When you start vaping all of the bits and bobs that make up your device can be quite complicated and overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is to refer to the manual that comes with your device. You need to read this because every vape is different. This means that your device has different cleaning and maintenance requirements. If you do not clean and maintain your device correctly it will count against the longevity of your vape.

Clean Your Tank

This ties in with the previous point but is a bit different. Vaping tanks are made of either glass or clear plastic. This is so that you can see how much liquid is inside of it. It also means that you can see the build-up of gunk left behind by old e-liquids. It needs to get cleaned every so often to keep everything looking good and also in working condition. If it is not cleaned you might find yourself taking a pull and getting an awful aftertaste. Wash it with lukewarm water and let it dry. You should wash out the tank between flavors, so as to not cross-contaminate flavors. This can really spoil your experience. If you like to switch up your flavors you could always keep a separate tank around so that you don’t mix flavors when you crave a different one.

Monitor Your Batteries

You need to do a bit of research before you go buying any batteries for your vape. Like most things these days there are so many options available on the market. One size doesn’t always fit all, so you need to make sure that the battery you get has the right capacity. It needs to be charged occasionally so that you don’t run out of charge at an inopportune moment when you are out.

Drained batteries can really ruin your vaping experience and damage your device. Keep a spare battery with you to avoid an unpleasant situation. You can also keep a disposable vape around to prevent these disasters. Hyde disposables are a really good quality option. They come pre-charged and pre-filled with an e-liquid of your choice.

Of course, the best way to avoid unexpectedly low batteries is to make a habit of regularly charging them. Make sure to conduct your research beforehand; there are several brands and types of batteries to choose from, so choose the one that lasts as long as possible.  The best kinds might be a little more expensive than their counterparts, but the convenience usually weighs out the price. Read the reviews for the shortlisted battery models in order to avoid paying too high a price for a shoddy battery performance. 

You also want to make sure which kind of battery works best with your specific device. Most vaping devices use a 2500 mAh battery for now; this has slow discharging but also packs a large amount of power. On the other hand, a 3000mAh takes a little longer to get fully charged, but also provides more power. Take your vaping use unto account as well as any personal preferences in order to make the best purchase.

Take Coil Quality Seriously

A person holding a vape with smoke coming out

A lot of vapers, especially in the case of beginners, do not take the quality of their coils seriously. This factor is often neglected due to the misconception that it doesn’t need attention. It is only after learning how it can enhance their vaping experience that they understand why coil quality should be taken seriously. When you have a good quality coil your e-liquids and flavors stay safe. It is important that you conduct your research thoroughly in order to buy the best coil you can for your device.

It’s also important to regularly charge the pod or coil for the bet experience while vaping. If your coil is burnt, it will result in a disgusting taste while vaping. Plus, you will probably feel the smoke hit on your throat in a sickly manner while vaping due to this neglect. 

This is also why vapers need to ensure that they only get authentic coils for their vaping devices. This precaution will get you safe, unbleached cotton. The result will be a cleaner taste and an overall healthier experience too. Mesh coils are an especially recommended option, as they have been proven to give the best flavor. However, there is an alternative—get an RTA or RDA tanks and use Japanese organic cotton to make coils on your own.

Take People’s Advice

If you are unsure about something or experiencing something that you think should not be happening, get some help. Asking for help and advice is the best thing to do in any situation where you are unsure about something. There’s no harm in asking someone else who has been vaping for some time about what to do, and if you hate asking people, check out what people are saying about your particular issue online. If you try to fix it yourself without getting help, you can damage your device.

Look After Your Vape Juice

For many vapers, their e-liquid or “vape juice” is the most important part of your vaping experience. It can be either make or break your vaping experience. It is important that you have a good quality liquid and that you look after it. Don’t leave it exposed to sunlight, or the air for too long, preferably not more than an hour. The flavor starts to fade, weakening what it tastes like when you take a pull and ruining the experience. Also, be sure to shake the bottle before putting any into the vape tank.

We hope that this was informative. We tried to include a few “less thought of” items on this list, but everything here is really important.