6 Chew Resistant Dog Accessories for More Play And Less Fuss

Dogs are man’s best friend and having one will greatly improve your life. As much fun as it is having a dog, getting accessories for them might be a serious issue.

It is particularly difficult to find accessories and toys to play with if your pet likes to chew on them. You don’t want to buy a new toy every time your pet chews it to bits.

The best solution is to get dog accessories and toys for your pet that are quite chew resistant. A point that every dog owner should note is that the best toys always mimic the dog’s natural behavior.

The following are some chew-resistant toys that will guarantee more play and less fuss from your dog:

1. Real Bacon Infused Barkbone

There are few things that are as natural to a dog as chewing on a bone. Therefore, a chew-resistant bone is a perfect dog accessory for your pet.

The real bacon-infused barkbone is a hard nylon toy that is shaped like a bone and is just as big. It comes in two flavors namely BBQ and bacon which are flavors that your dog is likely to enjoy.

The barkbone is a classic dog toy that is very affordable and available. Your dog will surely get hours of satisfying chewing from the infused barkbone.

2. Goughnut Max Ring Dog-Proof Chew Toy

You should not give your dog doughnuts but you can give them a fake one with which to play. As the name suggests, the Goughnut Max Ring is a dog accessory that is shaped like a doughnut and is bound to be one of your pet’s favorite toys.

The toy is designed by mechanical and polymer engineers who really know what they are doing. The result is a dog accessory that can withstand even the heaviest of chewing.

The Goughnut Max Ring floats which means that your dog can play with it even in the pool if it likes to swim. Moreover, it has an inner core that is colored red which tells you that it has sustained enough chewing damage and is time for a replacement.

3. Yunlep Tactical Dog Collar

A dog collar is an accessory that every dog should have. On the other hand, dogs like chewing on their collars which can result in significant damage and hence the monetary loss.

The Yunlep tactical dog collar is one of the best and most durable dog collars according to Central Park Paws. It is made from military-grade nylon and has a metal interior.

The collar is light and easy to handle your dog with particularly in populated areas. Its thick padding is not only good in case the dog chews on it but also for the dog’s comfort.

4. Dura Chew Textured Ring

Rings are a favorite when it comes to chew-proof dog accessories. The Dura Chew Textured Ring is one of the best of them.

It is an Amazon bestseller and is often used as a teething device for young pups. However, you can use it as an accessory for any dog as it will withstand aggressive chewing from the most mischievous dog.

It is made from textured nylon of industrial-grade strength. It is affordable and has varieties for dogs of all sizes.

5. Nylabone Monster Bone

The nylabone monster bone is one of the most durable dog accessories you will find on the market today. It is a bone which means your dog will enjoy playing with it as it is quite natural.

Moreover, the bone has bristles on the surface which means that as your dog chews on the bone, its teeth also get cleaned. It also has a chicken flavor which makes it very appealing to your pet. It is specifically designed for aggressive chewers.

6. Megalast Treat Toy

Megalast Treat Toy

The megalast treat toy is a dog accessory that looks much like a tennis ball. However, it can float, bounce and even hold small treats.

Packing treats in the toy will ensure that your dog will play with it. It also has a hole in the middle through which you can add a rope and make it an even more interesting toy.

The Megalast treat toy is made of extremely thick rubber hence it is ideal for aggressively chewing dogs. It also does not produce a lot of fuzz which makes it less vulnerable than other accessories.

The six dog accessories mentioned above are only a few of the many you can give to toys that like to chew. No toy is completely chew proof as they will all disintegrate with time. However, you can be sure that they will withstand aggressive chewing better than most other accessories.

Toys for Dogs 

Black and tan short coat medium sized dog lying on floor

Dogs’ boredom or excessive activity are often the cause of behavioral issues. Toys provide enrichment and mental and physical stimulation. Digging and chewing on furniture, shoes, or shrubbery are issues that can be avoided or resolved by directing your dog’s energy into play with toys.

Interactive toys 

  • These are games that involve your participation:
  • Fetch toys – Dogs love to chase Frisbees and balls. Rubber toys with unusual shapes (like Kongs) bounce wildly and add to the enjoyment of the game. There are many different styles and dimensions of flying disks, including softer varieties that are kind to a dog’s mouth. Also, the distance the dog must run to fetch the toy is increased by ball-throwing equipment.

Distraction toys 

  • When you don’t have time to play, your dog can occupy himself with these toys:
  • Food delivery toys – The dog must handle the toy with his mouth and/or paws to cause the food to fall out because it is made to be used with kibble or little treats. The Buster Cube, TreatStik, Tug-a-Jug, Kibble Nibble, and Endless Fun Ball are a few examples.
  • Chew toys
  • Good chew toys include hollow, hole-adorned hard rubber objects like Kongs. These toys be filled with kibble or treats to make them more attractive. Put a small bit of peanut butter or cream cheese inside the toy to further stimulate chewing.
  • Hard toys that the dog can bite on and safely absorb minute particles are known as dental chew toys. Greenies, bullie sticks, and Petrodex dental chews are a few examples. In order to prevent your dog from swallowing huge chunks of these toys, you need to keep an eye on him.

Puzzle toys

  • With food puzzle toys, the dog must complete a task in order to receive rewards. The Dog Spinny and the Dog Brick from the Nina Ottoson line of dog toys are two examples.
  • To access a toy with a puzzle toy, the dog must first solve a puzzle. Examples include the IQube, Intellibone, and Hide-a-Bee toys from the Kygen toy brand.

Comfort toys

  • Soft stuffed toys are useful for a variety of things, but not all dogs should play with them. The stuffed animal should be manageable for some dogs to carry around. The toy should be the appropriate size for the dog that intends to shake or “kill” it (mouse-size, rabbit-size, or duck-size).
  • Dirty laundry like old T-shirt, pillowcase, towel, or blanket, especially one that smells like you, can be quite comfortable for a dog. Be advised that careful fluffing, transporting, and nosing could cause the object to be lost or damaged.


Brown and white short coated dog biting white and blue ball

The safety or risk of a toy depends on a variety of circumstances. Several of those elements depend on the size, amount of activity, and play style of your dog. Although we are unable to guarantee your dog’s enjoyment or safety with any particular toy, we can provide the following advice:

  • The toys you choose for your dog should fit his or her present size. Smaller balls and other toys run the risk of getting stuck in your dog’s throat or mouth.
  • Avoid using or modify toys that are not “dog-proof” by removing any ribbons, strings, eyes, or other parts that could be chewed off and ingested.
  • Keep an eye on your dog’s toys and throw away any that begin to break or have parts torn off.
  • Find out from your veterinarian whether rawhide, pig’s ears, raw bones, and hooves are safe to use. Toys made of very firm rubber are more durable and safe.
  • Any toy with an inside “squeaker” should be noted. Squeaking toys should only be given to dogs under close supervision since they may feel the need to identify and destroy the source of the noise, which puts them in danger of ingesting it.
  • When letting your dog be alone with any toy, be aware of his chewing habits. For many years, some dogs might carry a stuffed animal around. Others will delight in removing all the stuffing from the toy and “disemboweling” it. Some will tear it into pieces and devour them, endangering the dog’s safety.

Which Dog Toys Are Right For Your Dog?

Dog with black Kong toy

A dog playing with a toy is just as interesting to people as it is to dogs. Perhaps this explains why the average dog owner spends $50 a year on new dog toys. How can you pick a toy your dog will adore out of the hundreds, if not thousands, available to you rather than spending your money on what seems like a great toy just to see your dog ignore it?

Dog toys are divided into categories including training toys, treat-dispensing toys, interactive toys, comfort toys, and toys for self-amusement by those working in the pet sector. Here are some helpful suggestions for picking the appropriate toys, short of letting your dog test out every item on the pet store shelf.

If your dog likes to chase things

There are, of course, the common tennis balls. Regardless of how good a retriever your dog is, you should buy a multipack of these because some balls will always go missing. Use colorful balls to set your dog apart from other dogs’ balls when you play catch with him at a dog park or other outdoor area. Tennis balls made of rubber are more durable.

It’s also fun to chase a disc toy that resembles a Frisbee. Certain breeds are very skilled at this and are renowned for catching the disc midair. All varieties of Retrievers, including Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Rat Terriers, and others, particularly enjoy the challenge of pursuing a disc toy. Choose a disc toy designed especially for dogs. They are more gentle and less abrasive on the dog’s mouth.

If your dog loves to chew

Rope toys, dental chews, and hard chew toys should keep him occupied. If he chews a lot, get a sturdy toy that won’t shatter into little bits. Puppy training with chew toys teaches them what is acceptable and unacceptable chewing.

If your dog is especially attuned to treats and rewards

Consider giving your dog toys that release food, like the well-known KONG toys, which you can stuff with little treats that he may collect while playing with them. There are mentally demanding toys available that make the dog work for the treats.

If your dog likes to cuddle and carry thing around in his mouth

He will enjoy a fluffy or super soft, soft, and squishy dog toy. That would be much amazing if it had a squeaker. A dog may develop an attachment to his favorite toy and even sleep with it, just like young children do.


Chew-resistant dog accessories might be a great solution for pet owners who wish to keep their furry pals secure and their possessions undamaged. Dogs have a natural urge to chew and play, so it’s important to provide them with safe, enduring toys and accessories that can endure their teeth and claws.