6 Best Dogs That Get Along with Kids

There are many breed options available if you want to get a compatible dog for kids. You will also have plenty of other things to consider, such as living space. Do you live in an apartment? Smaller dogs would be better, as they do not require as much exercise as a larger breed. Larger breeds are great if you have a large yard to play and exercise.

Most of the time, you will need to be ‘the one’ when it comes to major responsibilities, though it is a good idea to teach your kids. Getting a dog is great for kids, but also you. They will become an important member of your family. Kids love them, and adults love them.

Dogs provide us with unconditional love. They can be healthy for adults in terms of relieving stress. As for kids, they can be wonderful playmates and teach your children responsibility as well. They can even help children who may have special needs to come out of their shells and show an improvement.

Dogs Can Enhance the Quality of Life for Your Child

You already know how a dog improves your quality of life if you have one. Not just because they’re entertaining, dogs make wonderful family members. Children can benefit from owning a dog as well.

The best dogs for your kids will depend on your family situation. Here are just some of the best choices in no particular order.

Golden Retriever

This is a big and powerful breed. Golden retrievers are highly intelligent and have a great temperament. They are good with kids, adults and other animals. They do require a fair amount of grooming.

These dogs have beautiful faces, almost like they are smiling all the time. They need lots of exercise, so this would be a great dog for kids, but you need lots of space. They also need a nutritious diet, so consider ordering food from Just Raw Pet Food to enrich the meals for your favourite pets.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is not a large breed, and they would be a perfect option for kids. They are incredibly lovable and playful, and your kids will simply love them. These dogs are pretty easygoing dogs and have great temperaments. They make a great family pet as well. They like playing outside and can be sweet and cuddly inside the home.

The Beagles

The Beagles are not an English band from Liverpool, England! Instead, they are great dogs for kids. They love their humans and have a calm temperament. They are very playful, so kids will fall in love with them.

These dogs have a keen sense of smell and are very intelligent. This is why they are sometimes used as working dogs. They are curious, so keep them protected with a fence so they don’t wander away!


Papillons are a small breed and rather gentle with kids. They are very good-natured and have fluffy ears, and are extremely cute. They will make a good playmate for children. They are a little delicate, so you need to be somewhat careful since they are quite small.


Everyone knows about Lassie. Lassie was a famous Collie. These intelligent dogs are a great choice for kids and the whole family. They are used for herding. They are very loyal and intelligent. They have long hair, so proper grooming is a must. They are very affectionate dogs, and your kids will fall in love with them. They are also energetic dogs. They also respond very well to training.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are intelligent dogs. They are excitable and enthusiastic dogs, making them cute and lovable. They have smooth coats and large, adorable eyes. The great thing about this breed is that they are not high-maintenance dogs. This makes them a great choice for the whole family. They are strong, medium-sized dogs, and they get along really well with kids.

Advantages of Having a Dog

little girl and her dog image

Having a dog can help kids learn responsibility, process their emotions, and improve their health.

Check out this list of advantages kids can experience from having a dog in their life:

  • Encouraging children to take care of a puppy can increase their cooperation and generosity.
  • When children imagine what a dog feels, it teaches them to understand and consider the feelings of others.
  • Teaching kids to confide in their dogs as though they were friends can aid in the healing process for traumatized kids.
  • Kids with dogs tend to have better self-esteem.
  • Allergies in children are less likely to develop if they live with a dog.
  • Children with dogs may take fewer sick days.

A dog in your child’s life can help prepare them for a happy and content and healthy childhood.


Whatever breed you choose as the ideal family dog for your children, make sure to provide exercise and enrichment, watch over young children whenever they interact with your dogs, and teach them to respect a dog’s boundaries to avoid accidents or other problems.

Both dogs and children occasionally are unaware of their own strength. So be sure to teach them how to interact with the dog, including how to pet it, how to avoid startling it, and how to be gentle with it. The more responsible your child is with how they interact with the dog, the more you should teach them.