6 Benefits of Pressure Blanket

Going to bed after a long, tiring day should be a moment of complete relaxation. For people who suffer from anxiety or restless thoughts, having access to this relief is far from guarantee. Pressure blankets were thought of and manufactured to make bedtime a more relaxing and comfortable. These therapeutic blankets generally weigh between 10 and 30 pounds and are designed to evenly distribute weight over the body, creation a sensation of being enveloped. This gentle weight has the effect of stimulating “feel good” chemicals in the brain like dopamine and serotonin. While the therapeutic benefits of pressure blankets make them particularly helpful for people with autism, insomnia, or anxiety, anyone with a stressful life can enjoy the experience. Here are five benefits of using these special blankets.

1. They Stimulate Pressure Points in your Body

The pressure blanket pushes down on your body in a way that mimics a comforting touch and is similar to a massage. This weight activates several pressure points in your body, which has a powerful and beneficial effect. The sensation can reduce your levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that contributes to feelings of anxiety. The impact of this gentle stimulation is calming, comforting, and promotes a sense of well-being.

2. They Promote Deep Sleep

People who have insomnia and other sleep-related problems are often unable to get their brains to settle down, no matter how tired they are. The sensation of comfort created by pressure blankets increases levels of melatonin, a hormone that is crucial for restful sleep. It’s the same reason that mothers swaddle their babies very tightly to help them feel calm and settle into sleep. The soothing effect of simulated touch creates a sense of calm in both the body and the brain. The person using this blanket can fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep without constantly waking up.

3. They Reduce Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Pressure blankets provide relief from anxiety because of their calming effect on the nervous system. Anxiety happens when your fight or flight response is triggered, which is what causes an increased heart rate. The stimulation of your pressure points caused by a weighted blanket gives your body a cue to feel safe and relaxed. The brain stays at ease and the feelings of anxiety reduce or subside altogether.

4. They Provide Stress Relief During the Day

While pressure blankets are an excellent tool for bedtime, they can offer much more. The way this blanket wraps you upoffers stress relief so that you can deal with the ups and downs in life on a daily basis. You can wrap around this blanket while watching TV, reading a book, or simply resting. In particular, during moments of intense stress, a weighted blanket can be useful for feeling calm and boosting your mood.

5. They Help Improve Symptoms from Restless Leg Syndrome

People who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome have an overwhelming desire to shake and move their legs, often when they’re in bed trying to sleep. Using a weighted blanket can soothe the tension caused by this condition. The natural weight of the blanket is also a counterbalance for the impulse to move, simply by weighing your leg down more. This distributed pressure allows the wearer to relax and finally sleep.

6. They Improve Focus and Concentration

One of thegood things about reducing stress and getting deeper sleep is that the ability to concentrate is improved, especially in children. Part of the reason for this benefit is simply that people who use this blanket sleep better. Not getting enough sleep impacts many aspectsof life,creating a general brain fog that makes it difficult to focus. Pressure blankets are known to be very beneficial for children with autism or sensory processing disorders because they reducesensory overload.

Pressure blankets are an all-natural, effective way of getting better sleep, reducing stress, and promoting feelings of well-being. Whether you use it as a bedtime aid or as a way to relax during the day, you can make the most out of this blanket as compared to other regular blankets to promote better sleep and live an overall healthy life.