5 Types Of Marketing Activities You Should Know About This Year

It’s one thing to have a great product and it’s another to get it in front of the right people and in the best way possible. If you do not take any other thing as serious, understand this one thing that people are always changing. Even basic economics will let us know that needs and wants are shaped by factors such as choice, pricing, seasons, etc. So whatever it is you’re selling, if it’s not well put to reach the right eyes, no one will patronize you. 

I’ve taken the time to research the marketing trends that have been successfully bringing in new customers. This article is a unique guide made from the trends to help you in your marketing activities this year. Contact the experts at pringo.ch, they will implement the best marketing plans for your company. Both larger companies and start-ups can use these cutting-edge marketing strategies to maintain their brand image.

To be honest, they are all simple and basic methods. However, it is how they are run that truly brings results. This is why this article is not just about the activities but also about how to run them in the best way possible. Running these activities in the best way will require you to put your brand’s image at a great height. If you need online marketing service in Singapore then check Digital Marketing SEO Agency.

Your brand’s image is simply how it is seen by the public in general and your target audience specifically. Here are the marketing activities that you must know about whether you’re a business owner or a digital marketer:


B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing simply has to do with two businesses making a commercial transaction with each other. In other words, it means that a particular business has another business as its primary customer. 

The norm is to have everyday customers that you are selling to. However, as a B2B, your goal is to sell to or service another business like you. This means that you will not be directing your marketing efforts to random persons. Rather, you are marketing to the set of persons that make the buying decisions in a company.

 According to Digital Authority, the following are examples of businesses that do B2B marketing:

  • A Medtech company that sells software as a medical device (SaMD) solution to healthcare organizations.
  • A digital agency that produces SEO, CMS or email marketing tools for marketers.
  • A manufacturer that sells products directly to dental practices and hospitals.
  • A startup that specializes in table management software.

In a B2B environment, bigger businesses usually have more advantages over the smaller ones in the areas of commerce, resource, and information. B2B companies are gaining huge grounds in the world’s economy. As of 2015, the Fortune 500 list revealed that as many as 72% of companies on the list are businesses that basically serve other businesses.


B2C (Business-to-Consumer) marketing is a whole new ball game on its own. It demands totally different plans and methods from that of B2B marketing. These plans, methods, and tools are used to promote products by companies that sell directly to consumers. As a B2C company, you will do better and gain more customers in today’s business world because of the several digital platforms available.  Be sure to consider help and options like SEO Edinburgh and others. 

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more all mean one major thing for B2C companies: customer engagement. To achieve this, your company has to consider all the customer needs and also create content that will connect with each customer and will be good for each social platform.  Be sue to check out websitesthatsell.com.au for great options and ideas.

In order to make sales from their content creation as a B2C marketer, you must channel all of your marketing strategies to the desires, needs, and characters of an average product user. 

According to Digital Authority, a B2C business can be a beauty/cosmetic company, real estate agency that sells homes to families, a car dealership, retail store, healthcare practice, music-streaming service, and a lot more in between. Whatever kind of business it is, your target customers are always individual customers who buy what you offer for their own personal use. 

Major bulks of these customers today consume a lot of content from the internet. This means that you must learn to leverage local search, SEO, brand websites and social media as a B2C company. These tools will help your business reach your target customers and raise publicity for your brand.  Also its very important for consumers to have a great looking web site to make sure you check out great services like this great company that does Web Design Manchester and others.


From the above opportunities for B2C companies on the internet, we can see that social media marketing is a major marketing activity that I cannot ignore. Every house is built on a solid foundation. Let’s just say that when it comes to social media marketing, a major building block can be found in audience research and options to buy real likes on Instagram.

If you do not have the right audience, your content will be going out to too many people and it will not bring in the right customers. When you want to research your audience, do not make assumptions about them. 

Sprout Social presents the following key points from their social media audience research:

  • Facebook and YouTube are both important places for ads. This is in a way due to their high-earning users.
  • The majority of Instagram’s users are under the age of 30. This shows the strength of bold, interesting content that carries a lot of personalities.  Be sure to look to grow your Instagram followers.
  • Women greatly outnumber men on Pinterest. Pinterest has the highest number of social shoppers.
  • LinkedIn’s users are well-educated people. This makes it a place for longer content that might be different from what you see on Facebook or Twitter.

Be sure to check out Media Lion for great options.


Email marketing is an easy and affordable way for you to pass on information about your brand or sell your products. When most customers want to make a purchase, they look for an email newsletter about the product from their favorite stores. This means that you must be sending emails to your customers no matter what you are selling.

People see mails as more important than texts or direct messages on social media. There is a very high chance that your customers will always open and read your emails when you send them. 

Inc. offers many pointers when you’re carrying out email marketing. For instance, don’t send emails during prospective clients’ work hours and always try to write from their point of view.


Most customers today prefer to watch a video about something than to read on it. Videos save time and explain things better. You would be doing your business a huge favor if you regularly post videos about your products or services. Practicing storytelling and creating video content that works perfectly with mobile devices are some of the tips you might want to keep in mind.

Now, I know all these can look overwhelming if you’re just starting out; we’ve all been there. Not sure where to start with your digital marketing efforts? Check out this list of companies blazing the trail at the moment and be sure to check out the Cheapest SMM Panel.