5 Top Themed Wedding Ideas of 2021

COVID-19 threw the whole world into disarray when it came to weddings this year. But did that put people off. No! They simply got more inventive and found other ways to celebrate their special day. If you’re looking to get hitched this year, then there’s still plenty of time to plan.

Here are 5 top wedding ideas of 2021 to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Vintage-Style Wedding

Rustic and vintage are in right now and go hand in hand when it comes to weddings. If you’re someone who loves a bit of the old fashioned, then why not consider a vintage-style wedding. Think antique-looking décor, such as old wooden seats and weathered doors. You could even show up in a cool classic car to add to the ambience. For some added entertainment, why not hire a few vintage bicycles and have some time trial races among yourselves.  This is the best wedding car hire London has to offer so check it out.

2. Steampunk Wedding

If you want to do something a little out of the ordinary, a steampunk style wedding is a fantastic way to create some great memories (and photos). In addition to the bride and groom donning all the gear, ensure all guests take part too, by holding a competition for the best dressed. In terms of the food table, why not throw in a few Steampunk dessert decorations such as mini hot air bargain balloons and various timepieces scattered around. Copper robot cake toppers are also in right now.

3. Winter Wonderland Wedding

With winter fast approaching, why not plan your very own winter wonderland type wedding. In addition to lots of white and ice blue snowflake decorations, you could also have your own winter themed wedding desserts such as snow-covered chocolate strawberries, or penguin cake pops. Scatter some cosy blankets around for guests to snuggle up with later on. It stops them getting cold and is a nice added extra.

4. Disney Themed Wedding

Whatever age you are, you’re never too old for Disney. A Disney-Themed Wedding is great fun for the whole family. If there’s one specific character that you both love, then go crazy and kit everything out centered around that character. Perhaps the bride might like to have a princess style dress and arrive in style in a carriage of white horses? And let’s not forget the Disney-themed wedding cake. Mickey and Minnie, the Enchanted Castle, Beauty and the Beast. With Disney, the possibilities are endless – all with a fantastic finish.

5. Superheroes Wedding

Another one for the more adventurous couple is to hold a superhero-style wedding. Apart from the obvious, with everyone dressed us as their favorite masked crusader, you could also have superhero inspired food such as Batman Burgers, Superman’s Sausages, or maybe Captain America Cupcakes. For the actual wedding itself, the bride could walk down the isle with a comic book bouquet, while the groom wears some superhero cufflinks. Both are nice added touched and will make for fantastic photos.

Other Top-Themed Wedding Ideas of 2021

Wedding Theme image

Bohemian Themed Wedding

You should look for a bohemian wedding venue that is in a rural area because the air there is more refreshing.  Feel the magic of a new day joined together as one is set against the background of warm and inviting items such as books, flowers, and brooches that bring a bohemian touch to an otherwise modern concept. 

As your visitors make their way to the guest table that is unlike any other, a charming interlude awaits them. It is vibrant and fun, packed with a plethora of patterns that are both fragrant and whimsical. 

It is a good idea to arrange your flowers in a manner that contributes to your event’s overall look and feel. In addition, offering unusual candies and snacks like chocolate-covered almonds, popcorn, and a variety of candies is sure to attract visitors of all ages. In the spirit of a bohemian and whimsical wedding, your vows can be just as aesthetically romantic set against a wooden arch adorned with whimsical flowers and many other items in the theme of wooden tables and chairs. The softness in the presentation is a key factor in this type of wedding.

Fairytale-Style Wedding

It’s possible that an outdoor wedding on a hilltop or a mansion on the ocean would make for the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding. Your storybook wedding, or more accurately stated, the wedding day of every person, is a real-life version of a fairytale. 

Imagine your unique take on a “storybook wedding,” drawing ideas from well-known tales like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Frozen,” and use these stories as a source of inspiration. Your gown will serve as a representation of you and allow you to channel your inner glowing bridal.  

A component of surprise and astonishment will be brought forth as a result of the theme incorporating opposing elements. Whether you wear a cream-colored, scarlet, or white dress, it is important to pay attention to the details that make the dress so enchanted.

Fall Themed Wedding

Consider going with an autumn harvest motif for your late-autumn wedding, putting the accent on colorful, natural colors. Stone, wood, metal, and colors with green undertones all look incredible when contrasted with the vibrant orange of pumpkins. Be sure to incorporate elements of the country wedding theme into the decoration of the venue, such as hay bale seats, rope lights, and barrels. 

The bride who is looking for something a little bit different from the conventional motif for her wedding will find that an elegantly fashionable look is just what she needs. This entails keeping oneself one step ahead of, or even establishing, trends while also taking calculated risks. You need to have self-assurance and creativity if you want to carry off these modern wedding themes.

Garden Wedding

Discover the most beautiful settings for your outdoor nuptials right here. Imagine having your wedding in a garden in the middle of lush verdant pastures that are dotted with vibrant touches of multicolored blossoms that look as perfect as a painting. A wedding that is held outside requires a different collection of components than an indoor ceremony. Because the weather is such a significant component, it is essential to arrange the space in a way that is attractive in addition to being functional. You should embellish your chairs with genuine flowers. Flowers not only add a splash of color but also spread their enticing aromas throughout the location. 

An outdoor wedding in a romantic and airy environment can be further mystified by the use of soft fabrics such as chiffon or tulle to decorate the chairs or the walls. Appreciate the beauty that comes with each change of the seasons. Discover new ideas by looking for motivation in the things that are all around you, such as a melody, a poem, a color, or a scent. You can exchange your wedding vows somewhere with a beautiful view of the rolling fields or do it close to home. As you give form to every nook and cranny of your imagination, the wedding in the landscape of your dreams begins to take shape.

Modern-Style Wedding

What elements constitute a modern wedding? The wedding industry has seen a rise in the demand for contemporary rental furniture pieces, likely due to the ease with which these pieces can be used to update a wedding location of a client’s choosing. The use of contemporary and simple furniture at your wedding, such as square or modern chairs, couches, and tables, will help to cultivate an atmosphere of closeness and intimacy for your guests.

Positioned skillfully at designated sections of the reception hall or in a distinct lounge area of the building respectively. Aside from such large items, your event manager may also introduce extraordinary linens and contemporary candelabras to add to the ambiance of your venue. Any location can be transformed into a chic and up-to-date venue for reception by utilizing design elements such as mirrors, contemporary colors and textures, and contrasting design pieces. Ask your event coordinator about the newest wedding trends and incorporate your unique sense of style into the celebration.

Rustic-Themed Wedding

This motif is characterized by an air that is uncomplicated and cozy, and it is supported by elements such as twine, lace, mason jars, string lights, and twine. Rustic wedding décor will be right up your alley if you’re a big lover of do-it-yourself projects. If this is the kind of wedding you’ve always imagined having, you might want to think about having it in a more rustic setting, like a stylish and cozy barn.

Nautical Wedding

Whether you are getting married at the lake house where you spent your childhood, or you are planning for a wedding in another state, a nautical motif is an ideal complement to a ceremony that takes place by the water. Make a splash with blue and white tones, particularly stripes, combined with seashore motifs such as shells, anchors, ropes, and sailboats to emanate a maritime style.

Top Wedding Reception Tips

Just a few extra general pointers to help your day run as smoothly as possible:

  • If you are planning on holding your celebrations outdoors, to keep running indoors to get food supplies can be a right pain. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring a refrigerated trailer for the day. That way you can have your buffet outside and simply nip to the trailer to top up supplies.
  • Always make sure the kids have something to do. Unentertained, bored kids can be little terrors. To avoid that happening, make sure you have something to keep the younger ones busy too, while the adults are chatting away. Why not have a craft corner or video game station for the older ones? A photo treasure hunt of some kind is also a good way to keep them busy. Or, pass the buck, and hire a children’s entertainer such as a magician or clown for the day. Getting the kids sorted means can have relax and enjoy yourself while you know they’re are out having fun.
  • When it comes to entertainment, opt for something that everyone can enjoy. People love to be merry at weddings, and this includes singing and dancing. So, make sure you include a song or two where everyone can join in such as “Oops Upside Your Head”, or “Conga”.
  • Keep guest’s stomach’s full. Whether it’s filled with food or wine, doesn’t really matter. But the key to happy and content guests is to keep them fed and have easy access to the drink’s table.


What exactly does “wedding theme” mean? It is a thought or principle that runs consistently through all of the activities and rites. This can be something as straightforward as a color or music that you enjoy. Or you could get as particular as the fashions of your preferred decade or film.