5 Tips to Make Your Wedding High Heels More Comfortable

Wedding shoes are an essential part of the outfit, but most brides sacrifice comfort for fashion to achieve the perfect look. Even though you might be tempted to buy the prettiest heels for your dress, but must keep in mind that you have to stand on them for hours throughout your wedding day.

Many women experience pinching, blisters, and general foot discomfort when they wear their wedding high heels for too long. In reality, there isn’t much choice but to suffer through the discomfort, especially for those brides who simply cannot imagine themselves in flats on their wedding day. This article will provide five tips to make your bridal shoes more comfortable, so they don’t give you a hard time wearing them.

1. Break In Your Heels

Unfortunately, most people never even think about following this simple principle! Before you commit to walking in heels for your entire wedding day, always wear them first for short periods to make them more comfortable. The same goes for every woman, not just the bride! So, try out new heels for a day before you buy them to make sure there are no blisters or friction. This will make them adaptable to your feet size so that they snug you properly.

2. Use Deodorant

The most bothersome aspect of your wedding shoes is a strap that rubs your feet. You can fix this issue by moisturising your skin with deodorant. It will act as a cushion between your feet and heel strap.

3. Tape Your Toes

While wearing heels, almost every woman suffers from aching feet. Tape your third and fourth toes gently together using surgical tape. A nerve between these two toes causes pain with excess strain. When you tape your toes, you will apply less pressure on that nerve, and your feet won’t die while walking on heels for hours. Do not tape them up too tightly since this could interfere with the blood circulation and cause you pain.

4. Use a Shoe Insoles

While choosing the perfect wedding shoe, most women are concerned with style and very little with comfort. Even though they look so lovely in pictures, stilettos are unlikely to offer much support for the foot. Fortunately, there are methods for faking it. To make your shoes more bearable, you can buy insoles and padding that offer additional arch support.

5. Warm Up Your Heels

Get your heels warmed up before wearing them. You can elevate the temperature of your heels either using a hairdryer or keeping them near a radiator that will increase the fabric’s flexibility, meaning your shoes will move comfortably and conform to the contours of your feet the moment you put them on. Be careful not to overheat your shoes as you don’t want to end up with burned soles.


Every woman in the world wants her wedding high heels to be perfect and align with her most beautiful dress. However, some heels come at the price of discomfort and shoe bites. You should try these tips and make your heels more comfortable if you face the same issue.