5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe in High Chairs | High Chair Safety

Many parents assume that the high chair they use for their baby during mealtime is safe. But unfortunately, that is not always the case.

According to research, an average of 24 children is treated in the emergency ward for a high chair associated injury every single day.

Most of these injuries occur because the safety belts were too loose. Since high chairs are mostly placed in kitchen or living areas (with hard or tiled flooring), falls from them could be highly dangerous.

In fact, serious injuries can occur if a baby falls head first onto these surfaces.

We know high chairs are a great investment as it enables your little one to have a meal together with the rest of the family members, but you have to pay special attention to the safety features when you buy a high chair along with other baby stuff online.

In this article, we’re going to have a quick look at 5 most effective and tried-and-tested tips for keeping children safe in high chairs. Also, we’ll highlight some of the best high chair accessories to keep your babies safe.

What is a High Chair?

A high chair comes with long legs and a tray that is mainly used by parents to provide a comfortable mealtime experience to their little ones.

These chairs are readily available in a wide range of materials and sizes. Also, you can easily find them in any store dealing in high chair accessories online.

Although high chairs offer numerous benefits to the user, they’re generally expensive, and their safety is always questionable.

How Safe is it?

The most important consideration for anyone buying baby stuff online is to ensure the products are safe to use.

While you can also use the other baby chairs available in your homes during mealtimes like bouncy chairs or bumbo seats, it is always advisable to stick to the options that are designed for the feeding purpose.

High chairs are a specialized seating option that comes with stable support and a tray that you can use to serve your baby his favorite food. But, there are numerous infants injured every year in a high chair because of falls.

So what can you do as a mother to keep your child safe in a high chair?

Choosing the Right Type of High Chair

As a parent, your utmost responsibility would be to take care of your baby’s safety. But many times, what you purchase for your child’s safety and benefits end up in a highly regrettable decision.

One such baby accessory is a high chair. As discussed above, there are different types of high chairs available on the market that you can choose according to your needs.

You can significantly reduce the safety risks when you purchase the right type of furniture for your little one.

Traditional High Chair

The traditional high chair, as its name suggests, is a basic type of raised chair that doesn’t include any high-end features. These chairs aren’t portable, and you cannot take them with you while traveling.

But unlike other light-weight and feature-rich high chair options, traditional high chairs are bulky enough to support the weight of the baby.

If you have a heavy baby and you’re tight on your budget, these chairs are the most affordable and safest option available.

Modern High Chair

In terms of design, the modern high chairs are similar to traditional high chairs except for the fact that they come with a range of latest features.

These chairs are also known as multifunctional high chairs, and you can adjust them according to your child’s height and weight needs.

Space Saver High Chair

Space saver high chairs are foldable and are a good investment for those living in apartments where free space counts the most. Simply fold your chair when the feeding time is over and store in a cupboard.

Convertible High Chairs

High chairs are not a long-term investment. Your baby will cross the high chair phase within a few months.

Convertible high chairs come with modern safety features and can transform into a booster chair, toddler-friendly chair, or a basic high chair according to your needs.

A convertible high chair is not only a long-term investment, but it also includes all the necessary features your baby needs to stay protected.

Portable High Chair

You can either buy a hook-on portable high chair or fabric portable high chair. Unlike other high chair options, portable high chairs aren’t that sturdy and safe.

Make sure you keep the weight and height of your child in mind before you purchase any portable chair from a store selling high chair accessories online.

Travel High Chair

A travel high chair is also called a camping chair. Travel high chairs are made up of heavy-duty canvas. They come with a simple foldable design. These chairs do not need any assembling. Travel high chairs generally come with a wider base and provide a sturdy seat for your baby regardless of how uneven the ground surface is.

Make sure you consider the below-listed safety features and high chair accessories before you purchase a high chair for your little one.

High Chair – Safety Features

Safety Harness

High chairs that come with safety harnesses are the best option as they provide that additional layer of security you need for your baby.

What a safety harness does is it provides support to your baby and ensures he doesn’t move. A 3-point or a 5-point harness works best for 4-month – 6-month babies.

Safety Belt

The next important thing on our list is safety belts. If a high chair does not include a harness as a high chair accessory, make sure it at least includes a safety belt for the child’s safety.

Fortunately, most of the present-day high chairs come with a waist belt that keeps the baby from bending or falling.


The high chair you choose for your little one should be stable and sturdy enough to bear the child’s weight and handle his movements.


Last but not least, make sure the high chair you buy for your kid is certified and complies with the high chair safety policies. All warning signs and maintenance instructions must be clearly labeled so that you can follow all the precautionary measures to keep your baby safe.

A few other things you should pay attention to before you purchase a high chair includes:

  • A high chair should be constructed in such a way that it can accommodate a 6-month old without the risk of accident or fall from any opening. Also, it should be spacious enough to cater to the child’s needs until they’re grown up to use a normal chair

  • Make sure you purchase a high chair that comes with sturdy legs and armrest support

  • If a high chair includes a removable tray, it should also have a bar to prevent the baby from falling forward

  • Make sure the high chair does not include pointed edges or spaces where hands or fingers could be caught

5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe in High Chairs

1. Purchase a High Chair When Your Baby is Ready For it

A baby isn’t ready for a high chair until they can sit independently. Make sure you only get a high chair for your baby when he can use it. As a general rule, 4-months-8-months could be an ideal age when you start introducing solid foods to your little one.

2. Ensure the Child is Buckled Properly into a High Chair EachTime You Use it

As mentioned above, you must invest in high chairs that come with a waist/safety strap. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your baby buckled so that he can’t slip out of the chair. Ensure the belts are in good condition and tightly attached to the chair.

3. Always Use a High Chair in a Safe Place

This point is extremely crucial. Always use a high chair in a safe place where a child is maintaining a proper distance from hazards, such as fire, stove, cords, and curtains.

It’s also important to keep the area around the chair clear. Since babies are already curious, they may grab tablecloths, hot food, and pointed cutlery that can cause an injury. So make sure you do not place the chair close to the table or wall.

4. Test Out a High Chair Before Selecting it

Before you make a final decision, make sure you test out a chair first. Chairs with a wide base are more strong, and they can hold on to their shape even on rough and uneven surfaces.

5. Supervise Your Child During Mealtime

Always accompany your child while he’s having his meal. Also, check for recalls to confirm the high chair you’re using is safe to use or not.


High chairs are not only comfortable, but they also allow your little one to become part of the family meal. With these small tips and tricks, you can keep your baby safe while he enjoys his favorite food on the chair.