5 Things You Can Print at Home Instead of Buying

With the advent of advanced printing technologies, there are a number of things we usually buy, but can also create at home given the right equipment but first lets look at the tradeoffs of printing yourself vs buying pre-made.

DIY Printing vs Buying in Store

Printing items at home versus buying pre-made items presents a choice between personalization and convenience. When you choose to print things like planners, greeting cards, or activity sheets at home, you’re not only likely to save money, but you also gain the advantage of customization.

You can tailor items to fit your exact needs and aesthetic preferences, imbuing them with a personal touch that off-the-shelf items often lack. Additionally, digital resources available online often provide a greater variety of choices compared to what’s physically available in stores.

However, the convenience of pre-made items cannot be dismissed. Store-bought items save time and effort, requiring no setup or resources beyond the initial purchase. Furthermore, professional production often ensures a level of quality and durability that home printers may not be able to match, particularly for items such as books or high-quality photographs.

Things You Can Print At Home That You Probably Aren’t

Weekly Planners and Calendars

Pre-made planners and calendars from a stationery store are convenient, but they often lack personalization and can be costly. Instead, by using a home printer and quality laser or inkjet paper, you can easily print out your own planners and calendars. There are a variety of free templates available online that you can customize to suit your personal style and needs.

For example, you can add specific sections in your weekly planner for things like meal planning, fitness tracking, or habit tracking. Having your own printed planner also allows you to add personal photos or inspirational quotes, something that isn’t usually possible with store-bought versions.

Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

These are not only for children but adults too. You can find a plethora of designs and themes online, from educational topics for children to intricate mandala designs for adults. This means that you can always have a new design on hand, adding to the creative fun. Furthermore, printing your own coloring pages and activity sheets can support specific learning objectives or themes you may want to focus on.

Greeting Cards and Invitations

Store-bought greeting cards and invitations can add up in cost and often lack personal touch. By printing your own at home, you can save money and make your cards more personalized and meaningful. There’s a wealth of free or low-cost templates available online for all occasions. You can choose your preferred design, colors, and fonts, and even add personal photos or messages. For those who are creatively inclined, this is a chance to design your own cards from scratch using digital design software.

Labels and Stickers

Printing labels and stickers at home allows for a high degree of customization, which can be particularly useful for organization and crafts. For instance, in the kitchen, you can print your own labels for spice jars, pantry containers, or homemade goods. This not only makes your kitchen more organized but also adds a personalized touch. For craft projects, you can design and print stickers in any shape or color, using various materials like vinyl or clear sticker paper.

Sheet Music

Buying physical sheet music can become expensive, especially for avid musicians or students learning a new instrument. Many websites offer printable sheet music for a wide range of instruments and skill levels. Printing your own sheet music at home allows you to keep your music library organized and customizable.

You can even annotate your printed music without worrying about marking up an expensive book. This convenience extends to music teachers as well, who can print out copies for their students to practice with.

Remember to respect copyright laws when printing materials found online. It’s important to use resources responsibly and only for personal use unless otherwise specified.


As well know, it’s become increasingly convenient and cost-effective to print many common items at home. Not only does this allow for greater personalization and variety, but it also enables us to save money, reduce waste, and engage our creativity.

Whether you choose to print at home or buy from the store, the most important thing is that the items serve their intended purpose and you enjoy the process.

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