5 Things Moms Should Know About Health and Wellness Coaches


As a mom, you might sometimes feel like you have a lot on your plate. Maybe you try to maintain a romantic relationship, take care of the kids, work, prepare meals, keep the house clean, etc. It might sometimes seem like there are not nearly enough hours in each day.

You need to make sure you take care of yourself as well. You can’t live entirely for your kids, or your partner either, if you have one. That’s why some moms look into getting a health and wellness coach.

If you’ve heard of these coaches before, but you’re not sure what one does, here are a few facts you should know.

Wellness Coaches Can Teach You About Accountability

If you don’t know anything about health and wellness coaches, the first thing you should understand is that they can help you with nutrition and exercise programs. However, they can also assist you with mental and emotional wellness.

Accountability is one of the reasons you may want to reach out to one. A wellness coach can give you the blueprint you need, whether your goal is to lose weight, overcome a workplace challenge, be more assertive in your relationships, or anything else.

Let’s say weight loss is your goal. A wellness coach can help you address that you continue buying junk food and keeping it in your house.

They can help you deviate from this pattern and hold you accountable if you’re not accomplishing your goals. Sometimes, you’ll find that a little tough love can be what you need.

You Can Create Real Change with a Wellness Coach

Some moms feel like they’ve reached a point where they will never achieve their health and wellness goals. A coach can help you get away from that viewpoint. A yoga treat at Yovada is also of great help.

They can give you advice and information if that’s what you need, but they can also help you develop an actionable plan. They can work with you to understand your behavior patterns.

If the two of you can isolate the behaviors you want to change and figure out ways to get away from them, you can finally see the changes you’ve wanted to implement for so long.

They Can Help You Figure Out What You Want in Your Life

When you contact a health and wellness coach, you might have vague notions about what you want to change in your life versus what you want to retain. The coach can sit down with you and dissect each life aspect.

Together, you two can figure out what your priorities are. Once you do that, it becomes easier to eliminate problem behaviors and restructure your entire mindset and all your actions.

You might feel like your life only needs a couple of adjustments, or maybe you and your life coach decide you need to undergo a much more complete overhaul.

Wellness Coaches Are Not Just There for Fitness and Nutritional Advice

You can certainly talk to a wellness coach about changing your diet or exercise routine. They know all about physical fitness, and in that respect, they are much like personal trainers.

However, they can also help you get to the root of some of your emotional and psychological issues. They are somewhat like therapists in that way.

You don’t have to reveal any more about your inner life to a wellness coach than you would like to. They will not pressure you. Still, if you’re able to tell them generally how you feel, they can suggest some ways to improve your mental state.

They might talk with you about yoga, meditation, martial arts classes, acupuncture, vitamin supplements, and more. They will likely bring up anything they feel might help you, based on their experiences and training.

Wellness Coaches Aren’t Doctors

It’s also vital for you to understand that, while wellness coaches can do a lot for you, they are not doctors or medical professionals. They can’t look at you and diagnose a medical condition, either mental or physical.

If you feel there’s something physically wrong with you, you will need to see your doctor, and the wellness coach will tell you the same thing. They also can’t prescribe medication if they feel like you’re experiencing depression or some other affliction.

There are limits to what a wellness coach can do for you, but many moms find they can help in various ways. If you feel like this might be what you need, you can look for ones in your area.