5 Surprising Facts About Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea coatings may not be the hottest topic of dinner conversation right now. But if you’re in the market for outstanding protection for garage floors and more, it’s the hottest thing in town!

Polyurea coating has been around since the 1980s but is now being used in many more applications. What makes it so great? Why should you invest in polyurea coatings for your next project?

Read on to learn 5 surprising facts about polyurea coatings.

1. It’s Incredibly Strong

Concrete floors take a lot of wear. Think of garages and industrial flooring. They need to stand up to daily foot and vehicle traffic and maintain their appearance.

Enter polyurea coatings. Most people think of epoxy for garage floors. That’s old news.

At Garage Force, they only use polyurea garage floor coating for one simple reason – they’re up to 20 times stronger than epoxy!

Do you want a floor coating you can forget about for 30 years? Polyurea floor coating gives you that level of strength and protection.

It’s able to withstand chemicals, oil, water, and other fluids that may get spilled on it. It’s also UV resistant and won’t break down over time.

2. It’s Highly Waterproof

Garage floors are one of the simpler applications polyurea coatings work for. Polyurea coating applications include wastewater facilities, waterproofing roofs, and water tanks.

In all of these applications, it provides a waterproof coating that is also highly flexible. It can withstand variations in temperature, so it won’t suddenly let you down when you need it the most.

3. Works on a Range of Materials

Polyurea coatings are not just restricted to concrete applications.

It is also possible to preserve wooden, cement, steel, and other metal surfaces using polyurea coatings. It works so well because it forms an excellent bond with these materials.

These bonds allow it to withstand high and low temperatures without fracturing.

4. It’s Easy to Clean

Regular cleaning will ensure that a polyurea concrete coating lasts for years. As it’s waterproof and chemical resistant, it’s easy to keep clean.

It will withstand brushing, scrubbing, and power washing with no loss of surface material.

It can also withstand the use of powerful sanitizing chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for the healthcare and food manufacturing industries.

5. Applying It Is a Specialist Job

This is not something you can grab a can of at your local DIY superstore. It takes a specialist to prepare the surface and get it just right before the two-stage application process begins.

In the high-pressure hot spray method, once the area is completely clean, the technicians apply the polyurea floor coating in two parts. It is quick to cure and can be ready for use very quickly. This means very little downtime for the home or business.

Choose Polyurea Coatings for Your Garage Floor!

Polyurea coatings are super strong, easy to clean, and last for decades. If you choose a polyurea coating for your garage floor you will not be disappointed. It will require little maintenance and will not need repairs for many years.

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