5 Smart & Effective Hacks To Make Short-Distance Moving Simpler

Moving can be tedious and tiring. However, the one thing that is better than moving across the country is moving right to the next block.

Moving short distances is easier since it requires fewer resources, you’re less prone to losing things in the transit process, and you don’t feel as drained since your destination is close to your current location. So, if you’re planning on making a move to a location near your current place, keep the following tips in mind to make the moving process a walk in the park.

1. Find A Professional Mover

Often people think that moving for such a short distance would not require a professional moving service. However, it is ideal that you find one.

Look for movers near you that provide services for short distances; some moving companies only offer services if you’re moving for at least a fixed distance, while some provide services regardless of the distance. For instance, movers in Germantown have separate services for short- & long-distance moving. Research beforehand to avoid confusion. Get multiple quotes from multiple moving companies and compare them to get the best deal possible. After all, you can save a lot even when moving across short distances.

2. Commute Light!

If you’re moving close by, do you need to pack everything? Be smart about the way you pack as well as the things you pack.

Don’t empty the closet and drawers around the house. Don’t take your clothes out of the hangers; you can keep them hanging. This way, when you are done transferring your wardrobe and cabinets to the new place, you’ll be greeted with things already in place!

Don’t invest in extra packing material. Use your towels and bedsheets as packing material for your cutlery, kitchenware, and essential electronics. You can also avoid the hassle of sourcing boxes for packing and simply use what you have at home, such as organizers, pots, storage boxes, and more.

3. Pack An Overnight Bag

Moving to a new place, even if it’s close by, can be tiring. The last thing you want is to rummage through the heap of unpacked boxes for a toothbrush. Pack an overnight bag that has all the utilities you need immediately upon moving into the new home.

Ideally, the bag contains medicines, a pair of clean clothes, toiletries, some easy-to-cook meals, and your essential electronics. Just carry the essentials in this bag; don’t make it too heavy since you need to carry it yourself. Usually, this bag is packed, assuming that it would take you at least a day or two to unpack at your new place. So plan accordingly.

4. Call Off The Utilities

It is best to call off all your utilities and get them out of the way first. Even though you haven’t moved too far away, call off the electricity and water connection. Make sure to call off the phone line, and the wifi set up. You can also move the connection to the new place if your connection provider gives you the option.

Make sure to change your address in all your documents before moving so that you don’t have to keep making the trip back to the old place.

5. Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Use

Getting rid of stuff when moving is the perfect solution to your packing problems. If you are finding it challenging to finish packing, you probably have too much of everything. Donate the old clothes that you don’t wear. Give away the furniture that you don’t want in the new home. Sell your electronics and appliances that you don’t need or use.

While moving is a tiresome job, you can make the process easier with a little bit of help from a reliable moving company and efficient planning.