5 Simple Tips On How To Save Money This Summer

Restructuring your budget is always a good thing to do, yet in some instances, you may need to cut down on how much you spend to make space for something that is more important.

Summer is a season when many people spend a lot more. Between the warm weather celebrations and the kids on holiday, activities increase and the holiday becomes one of the more important priorities.

Balance out your spending habits this summer by using this guide to save more money.

Stop Paying Premium Prices For Groceries

Most people try to think of ways on how to save money for grocery shopping. In previous years finding groceries that sold mainly organic produce was a difficult task, and maybe only one or two stores were selling your favourite brand of almond milk. Today things have changed drastically. Finding the food items that you prefer is now more affordable than ever and super accessible. You should start shopping around and comparing prices to avoid paying those premium prices for groceries.

Turn Your AC Off When You Leave Home

The summer months may get extremely hot and your utility bills will also increase. To keep your costs down turn the air-conditioner off or up when you leave your home for the day. The U.S Department of Energy states that you can easily save up to 10% or more every year on your cooling and heating costs, by turning the thermostat back 7°-10°F for around 8 hours every day from the usual setting.

Many of the latest thermostats come with an automatic setting, which makes it easy to program in the times when you leave for work every day. For an unplanned outing, think about this as an added step to switching off your lights. It may appear to be inconvenient, to begin with, yet it will soon become a habit that you get used to.

Order Your Coffee Bottled Or Canned

If you love ordering lattes or coffee in the summer months, it is easy to save a bit of cash using this tip. Instead of placing your custom order, rather grab a bottled or canned version from one of the grab-and-go sections. You may have not noticed before, but many of the coffee shops provide refrigerators that contain pre-made versions of the drinks you love most.

Go Onto A Family Mobile Plan

You might be paying double or triple the amount to have individual phone plans that you would on one of the family plans. Adding yourself to an additional line on a family member plan can decrease your phone bills by 50% or even more.

If you are already married and you haven’t made this merge yet, then this is the summer to make that move. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram using a data plan that is overpriced, save a bit of money every month and rather save these funds towards those real-life adventures.

And even when you are still single, this tip still applies to you. While going onto a phone plan with your dad, mom, or your aunt may feel a bit strange seeming you are an adult already, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. All you need to do is set-up a deposit that recurs every month into the account of a family member, to ensure you continue to pay your portion every month.

Sign-Up For The Price Alerts On the Most Popular Summer Destinations

Have you been thinking about a much-deserved summer getaway? The Travel Search websites like Kayak allows you to register for their price alerts to receive notifications as soon as the airfare costs start to drop. Just make sure you have an idea of where you would like to go along with the dates. You will receive instant notification when the prices drop. If the price is more important than the destination, create 3 to 4 itineraries and then choose the one that comes in at the lowest price.

If you are not willing to wait, you can use an app like Hooper that will predict with 95% accuracy on the better times over the year for you and your family to visit destinations of your choice.

Finance company Pronto Finance, says “booking a spontaneous flight may seem like fun but it can mean that you end up paying a lot more for the holiday itself.” They suggest, “use technology to your advantage to find the most affordable airfare when it comes to your next getaway”.