5 Signs You Should Try CBD Supplementation For Your Senior Dog

Having a dog is a responsibility, which gets more challenging if the animal is aging. As your canine companion starts growing older, it becomes vulnerable to certain health conditions. Even if it is healthy, you will have to be more careful about everything, right from feeding to scheduling vet appointments, keeping it active, and making it comfortable. Paying attention to the smallest signs and problems makes sense because timely treatment can keep the dog healthy and prolong its lifespan. At the same time, you should look for natural therapies to keep the animal in good shape.  Fortunately, CBD supplementation can do wonders for senior dogs, but you must start using it sooner rather than later. For more information, click here https://thepettown.com/.  Here are some signs that you should discuss CBD supplementation for the senior dog with your vet.

Mobility issues

Just like humans, animals can also develop aches and pains in their joints as they grow older. The only difference is that they cannot express their pain, but mobility issues are an indication to watch out for. CBD oil has a natural anti-inflammatory action, which makes it capable of relieving chronic pain and discomfort. Supplementing with edibles is a great idea for onset mobility issues in dogs. Alternatively, you will have to get more aggressive with CBD oil use for more severe joint discomfort for the senior canine.

Weight Loss

Dogs are susceptible to losing weight as they age because there is a natural fall in their appetite. If you notice that your pet is eating less than normal, it is time to switch to CBD supplementation at the earliest. Discuss the options with your vet, and they will have the best recommendations for the animal. CBD is capable of stimulating appetite and can even help alleviate digestive issues such as nausea and vomiting.

Restless Sleep

Dogs often get restless as they grow older, so pay attention to their sleeping hours. At this age, good rest and sleep can make all the difference to the animal’s health. When it comes to finding natural remedies for their insomnia, dog CBD is one you can trust for efficacy and safety. It has calming and relaxing properties that can help the animal to get comfortable and restful enough for good sleep. It is best to administer the supplement an hour before bedtime so that the dog is covered throughout the night.

Memory Loss

If you notice the senior dog showing signs of memory loss, confusion, or disorientation, it is time to take quick action. Administering CBD oil can help to some extent. Studies indicate that it has the potential to slow down the age-related cognitive decline. Also, it can alleviate situational anxieties caused by disorientation. A relaxed state of mind helps strengthen brain function.

Skin allergies

Skin irritation is a common issue in dogs at any age, but they get all the more aggravated in senior dogs. Consider using a topical product to help with the animal’s allergies, rashes, and dry skin. CBD oil can even make the animal’s coat healthier and shinier. You will notice a difference even with edible supplementation.

Keeping a senior dog healthy can be a challenge, but CBD can serve as a miracle aid for the animal. The benefits extend beyond physical health and are more holistic. But you need to make sure that you pick the right product and administer them safely.