5 Scams to Avoid When Buying Edibles Online

When people talk about marijuana, one topic that always seems to come up is how they get their hands on some. And, while there are several physical locations where you can get some weed, an increasing number of people are turning to the internet to get their weed. Is it, however, safe to purchase marijuana over the internet? It’s no secret that buying weed online may be a risky move. In fact, it may be outright dangerous in some situations. When it comes to purchasing cannabis online, there are several ways to be taken advantage of, ranging from scam websites to bogus products.

1. Buying weed because of “the best weed ever” promo photos.

For the past few years, the online cannabis industry has been plagued by scams, making it all too easy for uninformed consumers to take advantage of. 

The scam itself is rather simple. A popular scam in the marijuana industry is for companies to copy images of other people’s products, particularly flowers. They use them on their own websites or social media accounts. A dealer will post a photo of high-quality cannabis on a website and then offer to send it to your location. You send them money, and they give you something entirely different in return.

On their website and, sometimes, social media, they will display these pictures to sell their products. Customers may be duped by this because they may not be able to tell the difference between a fake photo and a real one. Companies may create fake websites that appear like other businesses in other cases. They’ll use their photographs to trick clients into believing they are making a purchase from a legitimate company.

2. Buying weed that’s too good to be true 

In the cannabis industry, it is no secret that things are thriving right now. Due to the increasing number of places that have legalized cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes, the demand for high-quality cannabis products is greater than ever. Consequently, it’s easy to get excited when you encounter an internet advertisement for a marijuana strain that claims to be “100% potent.” 

However, before clicking the purchase button, be aware that you may be the victim of a scam. While this term is often associated with internet fraud, it is also frequently used to describe items or services that seem too good to be true. When it comes to ordering marijuana from the internet, this statement is all too common. In reality, many of the strains that are marketed as being very strong are just outrageously costly and low-quality weed.

3. Buying weed from a site that doesn’t have any reviews

A major issue with purchasing cannabis online canada is that it’s impossible to assess the quality of the product until after it has been delivered to you. While this is accurate in some instances, there are several precautions you can take to prevent being scammed. One of these precautions is to buy from online dispensaries that have had good reviews from real customers.

You should notice two things on the dispensary’s web page with a single click: It’s essential to know 1) how long they’ve been in the company and 2) what type of feedback they receive from their clients. Suppose they have no reviews or have just recently opened their shop. In that case, it is recommended to skip them and instead look for a more established company with excellent customer feedback.

While it may be tempting to save money by looking around for the greatest deal on cannabis, don’t allow pricing to be the primary factor in your decision to use an online dispensary. Instead, before purchasing, always read customer reviews to make sure the strain you’re looking at is as good as you thought it was.

4. Being overcharged for low-quality weed

You may believe that getting marijuana online is a smart way to save money while also receiving higher-quality cannabis. Compared to going out and looking for a dealer, you may not know very well. But, before you make your next purchase, keep in mind that if you aren’t cautious, you might become a victim of a scam. 

In reality, many websites that sell weed online are just fronts for low-quality buds, and they’ll overcharge you to cover their costs. But, before you make your final decision, be sure you’ve done your research to avoid being misled. Diligence should be carried out to choose a reliable dealer that can provide you with the best product at a reasonable rate.

5. Buying weed that’s been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals

You might be under the impression that since you’re purchasing marijuana from a source you know and trust, you’re not at risk of being scammed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The demand for recreational marijuana continues to grow, and people seek new and imaginative ways to consume it.   Be sure to check out this website.

However, some scammer sellers are taking advantage of this situation by spraying their cannabis with chemical pesticides, which may have significant health implications. Some dealers have been accused of spraying chemicals on their buds to increase their weight and, thus, raise their income. If you’re not cautious, you may find yourself in for a bad surprise – and a lot of money down the drain – when what you thought was high-quality cannabis turns out to be nothing more than a chemical-sprayed contaminated product.

How to Avoid Similar Scams

Do some research before purchasing

Before giving a marijuana store your money, check out reviews on independent sources. Watch out for complaints of fraud or subpar customer service. Search for a dispensary’s name and the word “scam” to discover reports of dubious business practices. Before making a purchase, if at all possible, stop by the company’s physical location.

Use digital wallet apps with caution

It’s important to remember that sending money through a digital wallet app is similar to paying with cash. You won’t be eligible for a refund if you discover that you were defrauded after transferring money. Using digital wallet apps solely with individuals and companies you know and trust is the best approach. Using your credit card to make a transaction is the safest option because most credit card providers let you challenge erroneous charges.

Don’t pay for products or services before actually receiving them

Even though you might have to pay in advance for items that will be delivered to your home, avoid doing so when dealing with a company that you are unfamiliar with, has a bad reputation, or has none at all. Scammers frequently demand money from victims for nonexistent goods before vanishing.


In the states where marijuana is sold for medicinal and/or recreational, consumers have reported numerous instances of scams that target marijuana dispensary clients. These fraudulent businesses conjure up real-looking costs to defraud clients. You can now recognize these frauds before making a payment and protect yourself from them because you are aware of how they operate.