5 recommended Mezuzas to buy online

Do you know what Mezuza’s message is?

“And you will write them on the thresholds of your house, and on your doors” (Deut 6: 9).

Mezuzah is a well-recognized sign, visible from a Jewish home. It is a small rectangular container affixed to the right side of the door, in the upper corner of the threshold and contains a powerful message.

Did you know that in Biblical Hebrew, the word mezuzah means doorpost? According to the verse that tells us to write a mezuzah, “You shall write [these words] upon the mezuzot (doorposts) of your house and your gates.” Talmudic literature applied the name to the scroll fastened to the doorpost, which is how we still refer to it.

Just as our body is the outer shield that houses the true essence of what we are, sometimes richly decorated, small container protects the inner content, which is expressed through an ancient Jewish custom called “mezuza”. Within each Mezuzah there is a rectangular piece of parchment called a ‘klaf’, which is made from a specially prepared skin of a biblically clean (kosher) animal.

The klaf is written in Hebrew scriptural letters, keys found in the holy word of God: Deut 6: 4-9 and Deut 11: 13-21. “Listen, Israel, the YHVH our Elohim is the only YHVH. You will therefore love the YHVH your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your power. And these words, which I command you today, will be in your heart; and you will call them to your children, and you will speak of them seated in your house, and walking along the path, and lying down and standing up ”(Deut 6: 4–7).

Bearded man holding a mezuzah

The small parchment is then rolled up with the script facing inward

mezuzah must be written using parchment from a kosher animal. The parchment must have been prepared specifically for use as a sacred object. The words must be handwritten by an expert scribe well-versed in the intricacies of the script and its laws. Even the ink and quill are custom-made to meet the requirements.

Although not strictly necessary, a mezuzah case is used to protect the parchment. As such, the common materials for the case include metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic. Styles and designs have evolved, and you can get everything from basic plastic tubes to elaborate cases made of rare materials, many of which feature well-known Jewish themes.

Often the container contains the Hebrew letter shin on the outside, which means Shaddai (one of Gd’s names, often translated as Almighty). The three Hebrew letters that make up the name Shaddai – shin (SH), Dalet (D) and yud (Y) – are often interpreted as an acronym for Shomer Daltot Israel (The Guardian of Israel’s gates). The presence of a Mezuzah in the front door of a house is a testimony that this is the place of residence for people who honor Gd and are dedicated to His service.

Mezuzah, as one of the worship equipment, can now be purchased easily at a jewish store. There are various types of Mezuzas available, with colors and motifs that are increasingly varied.

Here are some interesting Mezuzas. You can consider them!

1. A set of 7 small colored wooden Mezuzas

It consists of 7 small and colorful wooden Mezuzas. Each has interesting and different painting from each other. It fits a 10 cm Mezuzah parchment. Sold for $ 15.00.

2. Classic Mezuzah Case – gray

This is a classic gray piece of Mezuzah. Suitable for a 12 cm Mezuzah parchment and on the upper part written the word “Shin”. Sold for $ 16.00.

It is because the Mezuzah is preferred to be placed inside a protective case. The scroll should be rolled from left to right, so that G-d’s name, “Sha-dai,” is facing the front. It is then placed right-side-up inside the case, with the Sha-dai in front. 

Moreover, if you do not have a Mezuzah case, wrap the Mezuzah in thick paper or some other material.

3. Large Wooden Mezuzah Case – bird of heaven

This big mezuzah has great artistic painting. Suitable for a 12 cm Mezuzah parchment. Sold for $ 22.00.

4. Large wooden Mezuzah Case – Flowers squared

This Mezuzah is patterned with flowers and is suitable for a 12 cm Mezuzah parchment. This is also suitable for use in children’s rooms. Sold for $ 22.00.

5. Large wooden Mezuzah Case – Jerusalem in a circle

Equipped with Jerusalem-themed art painting, this Mezuzah will always remind us of the City of Peace. Sold for $ 22.00.

These five Mezuzas can be taken into consideration when you decide to buy a Mezuzah. By shopping online at Judaica store nyc, you can have more choices.