5 Reasons Why Fish for Kids Make Great Starter Pets

Nearly 70% of American households have at least one pet. While the most popular are cats and dogs, you aren’t limited to these two options.

If you have allergies or your living situation doesn’t allow these four-legged furry companions, consider an alternative. By adopting fish for kids, you can experience the same benefits without all of the fur.

Consider these benefits to your children when you add fish to your family.

1. Teach Responsibility

When you first set up your new tank, teach your children about what it takes to care for their new slippery friend. Caring for a fish is easier than caring for a dog or cat, so fish make a great intro into taking on responsibilities.

Creating a feeding and cleaning schedule teaches your kids responsibility. It also teaches them that sometimes we have to do what needs to be done, even if we’d rather be doing something else.

2. Learn About Nature

Having a living, swimming fish gives your children an up-close and personal view of nature. As you develop your tank and get to know your fish, your children will learn what the fish do and don’t like.

They’ll learn about water temperature, types of food, species, and where they like to hang out in the tank. Watching the fish swim, they’ll learn how fish anatomy works.

You can work with your child to build a thriving ecosystem. You could buy algae, rocks, and other plants to create hiding places for your fish to swim in and around.

3. Reinforce Learned Concepts

If your children are younger, you can reinforce concepts learned in preschool or elementary school. Use your fish to reinforce shape and color recognition. You could play a game where you name all of the colors on the fish.

Or they could identify the different shapes of the items in the tank. You could have them count the fish in the tank. Turn these simple tasks into a fun game and prepare them for school at the same time.

4. Reduce Stress

Taking a few minutes to sit down and watch fish swim can significantly reduce stress levels. If you find that your child is easily stressed or emotional, try getting them fish. When they start to feel overwhelmed, they can sit down and watch them swim for a bit.

Try placing the tank near your child’s bed. They can lay down at night and unwind while they watch their fish swim.

5. Bonding

Let’s face it; sometimes, life gets away from you. By the end of the week, you realize that you haven’t spent much time with your children. Taking care of the fish is a great way to schedule some bonding time in every day.

You don’t have to do anything elaborate. You could spend a few minutes feeding them or watching them swim. Or you could have a daily fish fact.

Consider Buying Fish for Kids

Buying fish for kids is a great way to slowly teach your children responsibility and caring for an animal. If they aren’t ready to care for a cat or dog, a fish is a low-key alternative.

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