5 Popular Custom Shed Designs To Consider For Homes: A Useful Guide

Do you need a place to store all your lawn and garden tools, or maybe even a workshop? Do you want a more private space than the garage but not as expensive as having an extra room for storage? A custom shed might be just what you’re looking for! Sheds come in many different sizes and shapes. They can be built with bricks, logs, steel sheets, or any combination of these materials. In this post, we will look at the five most popular shed designs you can find at Outdoor World Custom Sheds to help inspire you when designing your own custom shed!

1. Custom Fitness Shed

A custom fitness shed can be an excellent addition to your home. It doesn’t have to be the typical storage space you think of when someone mentions a “shed” and can double as a workout room! We found this beautiful design on Sheds in Gympie that gives some inspiration for how it could look.

This shed design is great for homeowners who enjoy exercises like running, biking, tubing, or any other workout routine. It can be used as much more than just a place to store your bikes and weights! Customizing the fitness shed not only allows you to focus and be reminded of your fitness goals but also to keep from cluttering the house with workout equipment. The sturdy wood construction makes it the perfect spot to relax after an intense workout. Customize this design to fit your needs with shelving options, windows, and a door. It is like outfitting your own gym with all of the accessories you have and desire.

2. Garden Shed / Man Cave

Nobody wants to have a nicely laid out and maintained yard, only to mess up the beauty with equipment or bags of soil thrown about everywhere. With a garden shed, you can conveniently store everything you need to maintain the beauty of your garden in a single, purpose-built location. With the installation of a garden shed, you will notice a significant boost in the appearance and enjoyment you get from your backyard area.

One of the most popular customs shed designs is for any garden or landscape area. While they’re mostly used to store garden tools and lawn equipment, this shed can easily be turned into a man cave with just a few materials! The double doors are great for opening up the space and letting long-stem flowers blow in the breeze. A couple of comfortable chairs and some lights will make this a great hangout spot. You can even add some plant life for a unique twist. What better place for an afternoon happy hour than inside your own secret garden?

3. The Studio Shed

This shed design is ideal for homeowners who enjoy painting, sculpting, woodworking, or other craft projects. A studio shed can be used as a workspace that’s separate from your house. This also makes it easy to leave your unfinished projects right where you left them without the risk of someone getting curious about what you’re working on!

A studio customized shed designs look super quaint and cute from the outside. Still, on the inside, they have everything needed to create music, write songs, paint, work on new ideas, or anything else that creativity inspires! If the great outdoors is your favorite place to be, you can add a comfy patio or deck to this design. Having everything at your fingertips in an organized space will help your mind stay focused and free!

4. The Woodworking Shed

You might find yourself wishing you had more space and easy access if you have been making due by packing your woodworking shop into a corner of a shared space, such as an already crowded garage or basement. The advantages of having a designated area where you can spread out and arrange everything how you like it are easy to imagine.

These shed designs are perfect for homeowners who enjoy working with their hands in an unplugged kind of way. Several different plans are available for this shed design, but one of the most popular is designed around a tool bench! You can build your own with the help of these plans. This type of shed also works well as an outdoor craft studio or even a place to store your animals if you prefer to keep them outside.

Also, the right shed size can offer room for a workbench, plenty of tool and equipment storage, and enough space to comfortably work on large pieces or even have multiple projects going simultaneously. Plus, owning a woodworking shed means you won’t need to clean up every time you need to take a break from a job. When you come back, your tools will be waiting for you exactly where you left them.

5. The Craftsman Shed

The craftsman style originated in late nineteenth-century England. During the time, Britain was experiencing a massive industrial revolution like nothing that had ever been encountered. This style that connects to people who love time-honored craftsmanship and decorative detail has influenced the shed world in addition to homes.

This style of the customs shed has a more rustic look and feel, which is where the name comes from. If you love to be outdoors but aren’t quite as interested in gardening or working on projects, this might be the design for you! This design has a windowed sidewall that makes it easy to watch your car while you work. There’s plenty of room behind the garage door (which can also be used as a lift) to store a car or other vehicle. It can turn your yard into a place of relaxation with all the tools at your disposal. You can always add a few planters or some more home-like amenities, but the idea is to make it feel like you’re ready for any outdoor adventure!


The options for custom sheds are endless! No matter what your needs may be, there’s a shed design that will work perfectly for you. Now that your designing juices are flowing, it’s time to pick out your shed plans and get started! These five popular designs will help give you inspiration on building the perfect custom shed for your home!


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