5 Personalized Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Congratulations! You have just discovered that you are pregnant and are thinking about deciding when you intend to have the baby shower. Do you want it to be a boy? How surprising or habitual do you want it to be? You have to do all of the following to have an ideal baby shower.

Baby showers are something everyone looks forward to and that is why this time is so exciting to help friends and family celebrate the urgent arrival of your beautiful baby. Remember it is always an occasion that nobody will want to miss.

With a personalized gift that will be useful and appreciated. At least for the expectant mother, being that gifts that are more thoughtful than practical are the way to go when it comes to baby showers.

1. Best Baby Memory Books

Baby memory book can be purchased as baby shower gifts for the family. However, depending on your style, they may prefer to choose yours. We’ve rounded up the best baby memory books and journals to bring you a wide range of options, styles, and designs to choose from.

Best baby memory booksare available on mommiesbuy.com or from select retailers. We’ve researched every baby book, analyzed pages, photo opportunities, journal entries, and family tree layouts to help you find the best journal scrapbook for your little one in their first year and beyond.

2. Baby Clothes as a Gift for a Baby Shower

As cute as newborn baby dresses and rompers are, it is better to resist the temptation to give away such small items, because despite what you may think, you don’t need as many clothes for the first few weeks. Experience reveals that by the time of the party parents already have too many sizes 0 garments, which they have either received in the form of gifts or have bought themselves in advance. Therefore, if you have chosen your gift to be baby clothes, at least choose larger sizes for the following months. Take note of how old the little one will be in each season and choose clothing with long or short sleeves and more or less thick fabrics according to this criterion.

If you’ve already gotten yourself your favorite baby clothes, you just need to pack them properly to get the perfect baby shower gift.

Whatever the occasion, baby hampers are wonderful for new mums since they are thoughtful! Honey has been linked to a number of health advantages, making best hampers in Singapore ideal for expectant or recuperating parents.

3. Baby Keepsake Box

From your first ultrasound to your first pair of tiny booties, this beautiful baby keepsake box is the perfect way to keep all of your baby’s most treasured memories safe. Crafted from vegan leather with a soft linen lining, this lidded storage box opens to reveal a removable photo frame and seven storage compartments to organize all the most important mementos from those precious early years.

Baby Keepsake Box is an organization system that keeps everything secure and easy to access with the help of nine drawers, eight vertical files for treasured paper artifacts like ultrasounds, birth letters and announcements, and more than 50 illustrated labels. Parents can keep track of the first four years of their child’s life, from the hospital blanket to the baby’s first tooth and first haircut, along with other treasured items.

4. Story Book

Using a personalized storybook as a kind of baby shower card is a cute and unique way to bring a lasting memory to a baby shower. Especially if this baby shower is for a baby who already has a sibling.

It can be mixed or only directed to the mother. You can take a more traditional shower that is naturally for mom. Once the decision is finalized, form a guest list and include their names and addresses on the list for the organization.

5. Additional Idea for Your Baby Shower Gift Box

In order to create this gift box, you will need:

  1. Personalized storybook. This will be used for the baby’s book card, or as a gift for the older brother.

  2. Necklace with an engraving. These necklaces are easy to wear and appreciate and come in a variety of designs and options.

  3. Stemless wine glass. This, of course, is for after the baby arrives.

  4. Personalized mug. The one we have as an example is personalized with an ultrasound photo, ready for mom when she wants to enjoy a delicious tea that brings back beautiful memories.

  5. Chocolate. This is to satisfy any cravings the expectant mom may have.

  6. Although unexpected, these gifts are so that mom can send an appreciation after the shower or even after the baby is born.

  7. Teddy. Like these personalized teddy bears, stuffed animals make a key baby gift and are perfect for baby to cuddle while discovering sleep.

With all the different gift options it has to offer, you can fill any baby shower gift box with items that any mom would love to have for her first few months. Giving the new mom gifts not only makes her feel special and credited, but it also lets her know that others are thinking of her and the baby along the way! But aside from this, expectant couples should also know the 4 home fixes that they need to do before their newborn arrives.