5 of the Most Popular Door Types You’ll Find Everywhere in the UK

A simple door can define a room, but also provide a bit of privacy. It will reduce the noise levels in a particular room, not to mention adding to the overall style.

Both indoor and outdoor doors require a bit of attention in terms of style and design – after all, these are some of the main assets of your home and not all about security only. Contact a trusted door manufacturer, and you will surely find the best door that will match your requirements and needs.

There are all sorts of types and styles out there, as well as materials and colors. Complementing the overall décor of your home has never been easier then.

Choosing the optimal door could be difficult with all this variety, but at the end of the day, here are some of the most popular types of doors you will find out there.

French doors – All about elegance

French doors define elegance and style. While the design may seem a bit old fashioned, choosing them in the right colors will complement any type of décor. For instance, French doors can be used for traditional and vintage homes, but also for ultra-modernx environments.

French doors tend to make a statement with their appearance. They are not suitable for any type of frame, though. After all, these doors are double, so you need a pretty large opening. They are usually based on glass panels and can feature different designs and patterns.

French doors open inwards. They can open individually – just one, but they can also open simultaneously. Given the wide opening, they are most commonly used for access to the exterior. Plus, since they are usually based on glass, such large panel doors allow lots of light inside.

This type is suitable for the inside, too – excellent to divide spaces or large open space designs without actually taking too much space.

Sliding doors – All about convenience

Sliding doors represent one of the most popular choices in houses all over the UK. While some people use them as front doors, the truth is they are more common as back doors. Basically, they provide access to beautiful gardens. They are also used to enclose porches.

Now, what makes sliding doors so special? Simple – they can go anywhere. They do not require too much space inwards or outwards because they slide to open, so they work well in very tight spaces – this is why they are so common in porches.

There are no general rules when it comes to sliding doors, meaning you can also use them on the inside. They work well for closets – giving you some extra room in the bedroom. They are just as handy for pantries or perhaps utility rooms.

The installation is a bit different because they also require a track. However, these days, you can find innovative sliding doors with no tracks at all.

Barn doors – A bit of vintage

Barn doors were initially used for… Well, barns. They were designed for exterior uses, and the design was simple and straightforward. They would not provide 100% security, but they would keep things inside when locked.

With these thoughts in mind, barn doors do not make the best doors to your home, but they are excellent on the inside. In fact, they have turned into a statement, and despite looking old fashioned, the right colors can actually match perfectly into an ultra-modern environment.

Barn doors are usually based on wood – just like classic single doors. However, they are not hinged. Instead, there is a track above the door, but on the outside. They practically hang from this track. They are most commonly used for hallways or kitchens, but they can also be used for bathrooms.

If you are into this style, you might as well use it for bedrooms. There is just one rule – no outdoor style in this design because the security is not too high, hence the popularity among interior doors.

Pivot doors – Making a statement

Some may say that this style is not really among the most popular ones in the UK, but they would be wrong. In fact, pivot doors are extremely modern and advanced, so they are more and more common in ultra-modern homes. Plus, they cost a bit more than classic doors.

The pivot door is self-explanatory. It rotates around its axle. It can go in one direction or the other. It is fitted with two rotates – one at the top and the other one at the bottom. They are flexible and versatile, since they can go in any direction or they can be kept closed.

When these doors open, the surrounding frame or panel may look like it is part of the wall design. They come in all sorts of materials – glass is great for inside doors, but you should opt for a more solid material if you want an outside pivot door.

Bifold doors – A bit of eastern culture

When you see bifold doors, you automatically think about those bamboo doors you can normally see in Japanese movies. Indeed, they are similar, but most of those Japanese doors tend to slide. These ones open in a different manner.

Bifold doors are most commonly used on the inside. They fold towards you – sometimes, they fold simultaneously. Other times, you can also fold them individually. With these thoughts in mind, they are more common around kitchens, closets, or utility rooms.

Bifold doors can also replace outdoor doors, but they are mostly used for back doors. It does not feel like they provide as much security as other types of doors, so most people would rather have them by the back.

As a short final conclusion, the list can go longer than that. It is also worth mentioning the classic Dutch doors, not to mention the most popular option on the market – the actual hinged doors. However, most people are after innovative designs that define modernism and style.

The above-mentioned doors are among the most popular options out there and can provide a top-notch experience both on the inside and the outside. Choosing the right style depends on your budget, as well as the available space.