5 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies in 2022

Cleaning is always important. A clean home provides you with a relaxing atmosphere that generally lifts your mood and allows you to reduce stress. However, it’s also best to keep your home as clean as possible for another reason; it can help prevent illnesses.

In 2022, there are a few reasons that should be a key focus in your cleaning regimen, and there are five products you need to not only tackle more traditional cleaning tasks but to tackle the unique challenges of 2022, also.

Here are the top 5 cleaning supplies you should be adding to your shopping list and why.

1. Disinfectant Spray: 99.9% Rated At Least

In the past, you probably didn’t worry too much about having powerful disinfectant spray in the house as long as you did some standard cleaning regularly. However, things are a bit different now.

Frequently sanitizing surfaces such as doorknobs, counters, and other high-traffic areas are key to preventing illnesses spanning everything from the common cold to the Covid-19 that is causing.

It’s not practical to clean these surfaces the traditional way every five minutes, but it’s easy to use an aerosol disinfectant spray to quickly kill any bacteria or germs without a lot of work.

However, you do need to make sure it’s rated to kill at least 99.9% of germs. Less effective options aren’t something you can rely on.

2. Disinfectant Wipes: 99.9% Rated At Least

These serve the same general purpose as an aerosol spray, but they come in convenient wipes instead of a spray. This adds a special functionality, and it’s just as easy to use these as it is an aerosol spray.

You can use these wipes to quickly wipe down counters, doorknobs, keyboards, tables, and other things that are touched frequently, and like the spray, if it’s rated for 99.9% effectiveness, you won’t have to worry about any germs staying behind.

However, these wipes will also pick up and remove dust, dirt, and particulates from the surfaces, which adds an extra layer of protection compared to an aerosol spray that just kills whatever germs it comes across.

Also, these can be used to wipe your hands clean after a dirty trip to the store to prevent you from dragging a bunch of potential germs into your home.

We recommend having these for moments when you don’t want to flood the air with a disinfectant like you will with a spray, when the surfaces have visible contaminants on them, and when you don’t want to get a surface too wet such as when cleaning keyboards. However, it’s still a good idea to have spray available.

3. Hard-Surface Cleaner

You likely don’t have carpet going throughout your entire home. Somewhere, you have tile or hardwood floors that need a bit of cleaning and protection, and these tips for cleaning tile and hard floors combined with the right chemicals are key to maintaining them.

As you walk around, you pick up dirt and debris with your shoes, and you drag that around your house. Sometimes, it’s not even noticeable until it has built up over time, but we guarantee you it’s there. Having a dedicated floor cleaner with protective properties can help you clean your harder floor surfaces sparkling clean while preventing them from getting dirty or damaged as quickly as they would without protection.

4. Fabric Cleaner and Refresher

Few things are as relaxing as settling into a couch or nestling up in your favorite recliner right after you’ve applied a fabric refresher. That’s still true in 2022. However, there’s another option available: Fabric refreshers with germ-killing features.

These chemicals typically provide the same refreshing and relaxing scent you love when you cozy into your favorite furniture, but they have the added ability to kill any germs that might have come off your clothes or skin and embed themselves in the fabric you’re sitting on.

This can keep you from constantly exposing yourself to germs when you’re just trying to relax.

5. Spray-On Carpet Shampoo

Getting your carpets back to the same state they were when you installed them seems impossible unless you buy or rent a floor shampooer. However, there are now spray-on carpet shampoo products that you simply spray on discolored or dirty spots and scrub them out.

This gives you incredibly clean carpets without all the hefty equipment investments.

Get These Chemicals for a Clean and Healthy 2022

2022 poses some unique challenges, and your cleaning regimen needs to adapt. Grab these five must-have cleaning products from a reputable supplier, now.