5 mouthwatering styles to use sesame seeds in a food

Sesame seeds are tinier than other seeds and are available in white, black and, brown colors but despite their size, they are loaded with benefits to health as they carry nutrients, proteins and, antioxidants. Along with the health benefits, they can be eaten as a snack because of its crunchiness and sweet flavor, and they have made their way in many cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and even American.

There are many ways sesame seeds can be used in food. You can either eat them raw, sprinkle them on food, or make a paste and use it in your dishes. Their versatile taste is best to blend with both sweet and salty dishes. There are styles how you can use sesame seeds in a food

Toasted sesame seeds

Toasted sesame seeds taste even better either as a whole snack or with some other food by sprinkling them onto any dish you like because toasting boosts its crunch. But how to toast sesame seeds?

It is quite simple. Lay down the seeds on a flat skillet pan on medium heat and keep stirring them until they are golden brown.

Or Just place them evenly on the baking tray and bake in the oven for 12 – 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Tahini is a smooth paste created by sesame seeds. It is used as a component in making hummus, as a dressing in salad, as a sauce, and overseeded in desserts.

To make tahini, only 3 ingredients are needed; Sesame seeds, oil, and salt. Blend them to make a smooth paste and your tahini is ready to be served.

Sesame brittle

Sesame seeds cure your hunger pangs and satisfy your appetite. Sesame brittles are easily available in the market or you can cook them at home with limited ingredients. All you need is sugar, water, sesame seeds, raw honey, and a little salt.

Start by adding sugar and water in a pan and boil them until sugar is turned into dark brown color while stirring the blend. Add honey and salt. Then add sesame seeds, mix it well, and lay the mixture onto a flat silicone tray. Wait until it is hard and sweet nutty candy is ready to eat.

Sprinkle on salads

Vegetarians or diet conscious people rely on salads. Sprinkling some toasted sesame seeds onto your salad will add crunch and nutty taste in it. You can also add tahini as a dressing on your salads. It will not only improve the taste but also provide healthy nourishment to the body.

Use in stir fry dishes

Adding sesame seeds in stir fry dishes like chicken, beef, or vegetable stir-fry boosts the taste by developing a fresh flavor in the food. When your food is stir-fried, just add a handful of seeds to it, mix it well and your tasty and rich in nutrient dinner is ready.