5 Essential Types of Safety Clothing with Reflective Tape

Do you want to make your workplace safer? The “safety first” rule is vital in any workplace, and one way to maintain it is through safety clothing. There are various options when picking safety attire with reflective tape, which can help prevent accidents and injuries at nighttime through increased visibility. Such items can make you more visible at night, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Clothing with Reflective Tape

This type of strong adhesive is sometimes applied to clothing to make the wearer more visible at nighttime when light from sources like vehicles reflects off the clothing. Companies like 3M produce Reflective Concrete tape for various applications.

The reflective tape is ideal for outdoor use and works by sending light back to a light source. This makes people visible from long distances.

The clothing is also available on different types of clothing that employees wear at nighttime to improve worker safety, including:

Work Shirts

These are usually long-sleeve shirts and include different styles like drill shirts. The shirts are made of strong cotton fabric. The fabric is usually either dyed or bleached. When bright dyes like orange or yellow are added to the shirts, they become very visible when combined with reflective tape.

Drill fabric is popular for work clothing because of its durable construction. The long-sleeve feature creates practical work shirts during cool nights. Overnight temperatures can drop to as low as 5°C/41°F Down Under, according to an Aussie Specialist.

Work Pants

You can find different styles of work pants like drill pants made of durable cotton with reflective tape. The trousers are ideal for cool or cold weather when work shorts are less practical.

Work pants can also provide leg protection, as it covers the lower limbs. It adds an extra safety feature to the pants besides the reflective tape located around the knee-level. The pants are generally darker than reflective shirts.


This is a practical option during cooler weather when workers need to combine the benefits of a long-sleeve shirt and jacket. They’re also available in bright colours like collared shirts, such as yellow or orange. This boosts visibility when paired with reflective tape.

A hoodie’s hood also provides extra warmth for the head. Based on recent studies, the amount of body heat that escapes from the head is up to 10%, according to Live Science.


When you need extra warmth and safety, then a jacket with reflective tape is a practical option. Possible features include internal and external pockets, hidden hood, and high waterproof rating. These jackets are often available in bright colours.


This outerwear is a good option for chilly spring or autumn nights. It provides some warmth while offering more breathability for arms than jackets. They also lack the hoods of hoodies, which is ideal when the outdoor weather is chilly but not cold enough for knit caps or hoods.

You can still get some features of jackets, including bright colours and pockets. These are key features that add more functionality to outerwear. Options like chest and hip pockets allow you to store important items while on the clock.

These are some of the various types of safety clothing with reflective tape that can improve workplace safety. Workers are safer when working outdoors at night with bright-coloured clothing and reflective tape. This can, in turn, help to prevent accidents, which makes workers more productive and companies more profitable. There’s reflective clothing available for every month of the year in Australia.

Author Alison Lurie