5 Engagement ring ideas for your special day

Engagement is one of the most special days of someone’s life. It is one of those days when you commit to your future partner to spend your life with them. On this day you ask your favourite human if he/she will spend the rest of their life with you. So an engagement ring is the most important factor to be considered by both partners. One should put a lot of effort, time, energy and money into an engagement ring to make it worth it. It should truly depict your relationship with your partner, the bond between you two, and says a lot about your relationship. You can look for a lot of online Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store where you can get a suitable ring for your future partner in your budget. There are many ideas you can go for. Even for mood rings with different Mood Ring Colors that hints your partner’s mood. But if you want high-quality custom-made engagement rings, click the link. 

Name ring:

This can be a good idea to give your partner a ring with your names carved on it or the first letter of both of your names. You can either use tiny little diamonds on the letters of the ring or it can be a diamond between both the letters. This looks very cool and also shows the connection with your partner. Now it depends on the choice of your partner whether they like such little cute details or not.

Ring with a fingerprint:

Another amazing idea for the ring is to have a fingerprint ring. These kind of rings are in trend these days and also look super cool. Doesn’t even cost you a lot and are pocket friendly at the same times. If you can’t go for high-end rings then you can definitely think about these.

Hidden message rings:

This is a very classy and cute idea to make your partner feel important and to remind them of something you want them to remember for their whole life. You can get a message carved inside the ring. A cute word or a sentence. Something that matters to you the most and you have a strong affiliation with.

Minimalist diamond rings:

Minimalist stuff is always a go-to thing and looks elite. You can go for a unique stone. Maybe your partner had mentioned that someday that they love a stone. You can take advantage of that and use that stone in your engagement ring and make sure to tell your spouse that you remember little details about his/her personality.

Heart-shaped diamond rings:

Heart-shaped diamond rings have been in fashion lately and they look super cool. You can choose the size and the exact style of it and surely get one. If you are confused about what to get then you can surely get this one.

NFC rings:

If your partner has an interest in tech and loves such cool stuff you can opt for NFC rings. Because people having an interest in tech always like such unique and amazing things. What will be better than this for them anyway?