5 Cleaning hacks that will make you better and faster at cleaning

Frankly speaking, cleaning isn`t the funniest thing in the world. Majority of people would say it`s boring, monotonous, and rather energy consuming. Yet, our houses still need to be cleaned – not only for the sake of beauty and nice picture, but, firstly, for the sake of health. Luckily, nowadays market gives us a wide rank of high-tech devices that can take a part of the housework responsibility. And due to the Internet we can share and peep interesting hacks from other people. There are several most effective hacks that can help you to keep your house clean without great efforts and expenses. Let`s go!

Do Regular Cleaning 

The first and the best way for keeping your house clean is to avoid big cleanups. Yeah, sounds really strange and irrational, but a cleanup means a great season cleaning.  In its turn, that means that you let yourself be untidy, overlook some places during the regular cleaning in hope that you will put them to rights in future. But dirt is constantly accumulating damaging your health and making future cleanup harder. Hack number one – change your habit and never miss a thing. Make a cleaning schedule and pay attention to all the parts of your house. Even twenty minutes per day is quite enough for keeping flat in perfect condition. Dust furniture today, clean the bathroom tomorrow – so, just follow the worked out system. So, take it as a rule for yourself and habituate your relatives to make every day cleaning. All you need is several minutes, but the result will turn to be amazing. Regular clear-up will keep your flat tidy much longer, and the process of future housework will go off quicker and easier.

Keep Everything at Arm`s Length 

You`ll be surprised, if you find out how much time you spend on trying to find and get to the necessary cleaning device instead of cleaning itself. All things should be at arm`s length. Buy some cart and fill it with everything you need during the cleaning – rags, mops, detergents are much handy while keeping together in one place and not being scattered around the house. Professional cleaning cart also helps to organize space for better storage and transportation of cleaning equipment from one room to another.

Mix Modern and Traditional Detergents

The modern chemical industry is actively developing and constantly offering us new products. Improved formulas and high quality agents solve various domestic problems quickly and effectively. Chemicals liquidate clogs in the bathroom, clean the tile, remove rust and old stains without the slightest problem. Housewife should only apply the agent on the problem area, rub a little and leave it for some time. However, despite all the advantages of such detergents, they still have one major drawback – a large number of hazardous chemical components in the composition. Such products can cause great harm if it comes into contact with the skin, mucous membrane of the eye and even in case of inhalation of vapors. Such detergents are completely unsuitable for families with children, animals and for people suffering from allergies. Our advice is as follows: never forget about the traditional means of combating pollution. Soda, vinegar, citric acid, mustard can cope with some stains and clogs just as well. Besides, you always have it in your kitchen and they are extremely cheap.  Also for carpet be sure to check out services like Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers.

Use Powerful Vacuum Cleaners

Unfortunately, sweeping can`t help you avoid all the dust inside the house. Small dust particles are still in the air and accumulated by carpets, furniture upholstery, toys. The only way to reach a perfect cleaning result is to combine sweeping, wet cleaning, and vacuuming. Modern vacuum cleaners are one of the best and the most powerful tips to maintain cleanness. While researching information for this article, I found a website, where two the most popular models – Dyson, Shark ION and Hoover Linx were closely compared. Both cleaners are much more effective than the ordinary vacuum cleaners and don`t lose suction power after prolonged use. Despite the size and capacity, they are extremely quiet and non-energy consuming. Airtight system keeps all dust and allergens inside the cleaner, and a set of nozzles helps reach the most inaccessible places and clean flat surfaces as well as carpets and rugs. Modern models meet all standards of safety and quality and will become an indispensable assistant in housekeeping.

Use Your Imagination and Improvised Means

Who said that cleaning gives no space for imagination! Any work becomes more interesting, if you activate the fantasy. And in the case of cleaning, it will also become much more efficient. Look around and you will see a huge amount of improvised tools like a rotating cleaning brush or other spinning scrubbers that you can enhance your cleaning experience to an unimaginable level.   For example, a toothbrush is good not only for teeth, but also for hard-to-reach places (like tile joints) and small stains. A common nail file can help to refresh furniture upholstery and clean suede shoes. And the food foil and plastic wrap will save your cooker and table from fat and crumbs during cooking, plus will speed up the cleaning in the kitchen. Don`t do the cleaning in silence – turn on your favorite music, dance, create a mood for yourself, and then work will go faster and easier.

Sure, cleaning isn`t very pleasant and rather time consuming process that can take a whole day. But these simple tricks will help you tidy the house as quickly and easy as possible. Combine your own hacks with ours, use both high-tech devices and traditional available means, follow the daily schedule and do regular cleaning. Remember that clean and cozy house is the key to happy and healthy family.