5 Beauty Secrets All New Moms Should Know

New moms may find adjusting to their new lives as parents difficult. Motherhood means your day consists of feeding your baby, changing diapers, and bursts of sleep. You may not have time for a beauty routine with all your new responsibilities.. 

But motherhood should not stop you from taking care of yourself. Although you do not have as much free time as before, you can try these new mom beauty secrets that you can add to your multi-tasking routine.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is essential to your body’s functions. Coffee might be tempting to jump-start your brain, but the drink may increase your blood pressure

So, while you may crave coffee in the mornings, try starting the day with a glass of water instead. You can drink water while doing your hair or makeup, during breakfast, or feeding your kid. The drink can help you wake up quickly and get right into your day.

2. Use Dry Shampoo

As a new mom, you may be so frazzled with your new responsibilities you won’t even have the time for a quick shower in the mornings. Fortunately, you can use dry shampoo to make your hair look fresher and less oily.

With dry shampoo, you do not have to go out in public with oily hair. It also saves you the time it takes to rush into the shower and rinse the bubbles out of your hair. You can focus more on your child with more time on your hands.

A spray of dry shampoo can soak up the excess oil on your hair and leave it smelling fresh.

3. Try Hydrating Serums

If you are blessed with a newborn, who likes to eat, poop, and sleep on their schedule, you need something to keep your face hydrated. 

Try adding hydrating facial serums to your list of skincare products. The product smells good, hydrates, and moisturizes your skin. It also firms your skin, which can help give you a youthful glow and counter the effects of aging.

You can use the serum in the mornings or before going to bed. It is also perfect for busy moms since it is easy to apply.

4. Keep Your Lip Balm Close

You may not have the time to put on makeup now that you have a baby taking up all your time. But you can always take small steps back into your makeup routine.


You can start by always having a lip balm close. Because you do not have the time to use lip liners, tints, and lipsticks, you can use a tinted lip balm instead. The product serves as a moisturizer for your lips while giving a little bit of life back to your tired face. 


Because a lip balm is small and takes up minimal space, you can keep them all over the house. You can even stash one in the diaper bag and your car. Doing so will let you take care of your lips and prevent them from being chapped and colourless.

5. Do Not Forget To Use Mascara

If you are a new mom, you may feel like you haven’t slept in ages. You can use mascara to hide your sleepy eyes. 

Although you may not have the time to do a detailed smokey eye look, you can still take a minute to apply some mascara to your lashes. With mascara, you only need a couple of minutes to make your eyes pop and improve your look.

All new mothers need to know these are simple beauty tips and tricks. With these pointers, you will feel beautiful even if you have your hands full.