4 Ways to Secure Your Dog in the Car

For many dog owners, their pets are considered members of the family. Dog parents might want to take their dogs everywhere they go for a lot of reasons. First of all, dog parents with mental disorders and certain disabilities need to be accompanied by their service dogs everywhere they go. Besides service dogs, canine owners might want to take their babies for a ride to enjoy some quality time together.

However, one problem that persists regarding taking your dog with you in the car is ensuring that your dog is secured in place. This is critical to ensure your baby’s well-being and make sure that they will not make any sudden moves that distract you from driving. To help you out, here are four solutions that will help you to secure your dog in the car without worrying about your wellbeing or theirs.

1. Incorporate a Dog Harness Seat Belt

Harness seat belts work best for well-behaved dogs. The way the harness is used helps in securing the dog in the same position with the help of a strap that gets plugged into the seat belt. All you need to do is to find a high-quality harness that fits the seat belt as well as your dog’s size. After that, make sure to slide the loop of the dog seat belt in the car seat. Buckle your dog in, then place them in the seat. You can then adjust the seat belt until you are completely sure that your dog is secured and comfy. Beware not to let your dog chew on the seat belt in the middle of the journey. If this is a possibility, then this option might not be the most suitable one for you.

2. Dog Car Seats

Car seats specially designed for dogs are considered one of the most innovative solutions for transporting dogs. They work perfectly fine for all sizes and personalities. Whether your dog is a big boy or comes close in size to a small toy, these car seats will keep your baby comfortable and safe throughout your car journeys. It doesn’t matter if your dog is usually full of energy, restless during long rides, or can sit perfectly still. These seats are designed to suit all dogs while providing convenience, comfort, and peace of mind for both the dog and their parents.

3. Dog Guards for Car Trunks

The best thing about placing a dog guard in the back of your car is that it gives your dog the opportunity to watch the road while being able to see you at the same time. This option also provides extra protection against being thrown forward in case you hit the brakes in a sudden movement. The best dog guards should be attached to both your car trunk’s floor and roof to ensure extra protection and safety. Once they are bolted down, you don’t have to worry about them being knocked out of place. Before buying a dog guard, you need to make sure that they fit the type of car you are driving.

Dog Guards for Car Trunks

4. Back Seat Hammock

As a dog parent, you probably prioritize your dog’s comfort and safety. Transporting old dogs might form a problem for both traveler dogs who enjoy car rides and worried parents. This is exactly where seat hammocks excel. They will not only provide you with the convenience of ensuring your dog’s safety, but they are also the perfect option for old dogs who may want to lie down during the ride. Attaching a back-seat hammock will prevent your dog from falling off the seat or climbing onto the passenger seat.

However, you need to choose a non-slipping covering for the hammock to ensure that it won’t slide off the seat. All you need to do to attach the hammock is lie the quilted side of the hammock onto the car back seat right before inserting the anchors right between the seat’s back and base. After that, attach the fasteners to the headrests’ both rear and front. This will ensure that the hammock will stay in place regardless of what you might stumble on during your ride.

For any devoted dog parent, leaving their dogs back home when they are traveling or even going for a fun ride is nearly impossible. Dogs can be sad, and no dog owner wants to see the sad eyes when leaving. Since you might want your canine baby with you wherever you go, you need to pick the safest and most convenient way to ensure that your dog will be safe and secure throughout your ride.